Worth-To-Watch Youtubers/Channels

What are some of your channel suggestions? Here’s some of mine:

  • SSSniperwolf
  • Mr.Beast
  • Steven he
  • Bright Side
  • Dope Lyrics
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Anyone has any great youtube chennel/youtuber suggestions? :thinking:

I like educational YouTube channels, such as (in no particular order):

  • PBS Eons
  • PBS Space Time
  • Sixty Symbols
  • Numberphile
  • Minutephysics
  • Geography Now
  • Robert Miles
  • DeepSkyVideos
  • Veritasium
  • 3Blue1Brown
  • Kurzgesagt
  • Periodic Videos

Hydraulic Press Channel


Ooh YT fan! (YT=Youtube) :laughing:

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Nice! :wink:

I’m with @gennan , I watch a lot of educational YT and am a big fan ofany of the same channels they suggested.

But I also watch PewDiePie and MrBeast occasionally. And I watch Disguised Toast playing Among Us (pretty addictive)

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great! :grinning:

PBS Eons

Big fan.


I’ve watched them quite a lot.

I’ve seen a few videos from the others, but they don’t fit so easily into my interests.

If you like PBS Eons then I recommend Moth Light Media and E.D.G.E – they’re similar channels using the “public domain palaeoart + commentary” format.

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Smarter every day
Steve Mould
Mark Rober
Technology connections

Charles Berthoud
Brandon D’eon
Lucas Brar
DJ Cummerbund
Steve Terreberry

James Gurney
Alpay Efe
Baumgartner Restorations

Code bullet

Olivier Gomis
Pask makes
Peter Brown
Grandpa Amu


CodeBullet is fun.

I used to watch Mark Rober, but I grew tired of how… aware he is of “viral format techniques” which make his videos feel a little cheap.

If you Baumgartner Restorations then I recommend the Victoria and Albert Museum, a major museum of textiles and jewellery in London.


If you like museum related videos, you may like videos featuring Irving Finkel, a cuneiform expert from the British museum. Quite a character.


I’ve already seen them all~

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I’ve been watching a lot of Mike Winger videos lately.

Marsh Family

Just remembered, also there’s this guy Brent and his friends=) They’re funny :smiley:

Jan Willems Veghel

There are a lot of YouTube channels that I can recommend to you. If you are interested in some music theory or analysis, Mic the Snare or Todd in the Shadows are both great choices. TheNeedleDrop will always be a solid channel as well because it can help you form an opinion on the things that you can look at in the albums that are released. If you are looking for some sports channels, there are a lot of choices as well. Basketball has KOT4Q who is a solid guy and football, there are channels like OneFootball and Football Daily.

South Main Auto Repair
Tom Scott
Atlas Pro
LockPickingLawyer (surprised nobody mentioned this guy yet!)
NativLang (big recommend for anyone participating in the language thread)
Jon Bois
Every Frame a Painting
Primitive Technology

Big yes!