Wrong notice about games

I can see notice (number) on the top-right corner about some games that is my turn but when I clicked in, I find it should be my rival’s turn
Anyone else has such issue?

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Maybe similar to this?

Although that was initially about the counter being stuck on zero or not showing at all.

I have had this issue before though. No idea how it got fixed though.

I have the same problem. My counter always says 29, but it reality it is not 29. When I click on the white dot, I always come to the same 29 games, even if it is not my turn to move next.
Does anyone have a solution?
At the moment I always have to go back to the lobby, to see the list of all my games and then to click on the colored highlighted games, to come to the next game in which I have the next move.

This bug has arisen before. Please be patient until @anoek can attend to it.

Any better now @nenleh ?

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Upd: My issue was solved after my rival made a move