You know you are a Go addict when …

You hear someone say the word “cute” and your brain spells it “kyut”
TN. also a side affect of talking to trashy dan players


You know you are a Go addict when you see Go everywhere you look.

Take this public restroom for instance…

A horse face?

A goban?

A Go school in the restroom?


More like mirror Gojo, amirite? :rofl:

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…when you’re sick but can’t let that stop you from trying to rank up.

…when your most valuable achievement is your OGS rating.

…when you reread through this entire thread for the fun of it.

…when you get into a heated debate over the .5 point tiebreaker in komi.

…when you’re about to graduate and all you can think about is how much go you’re about to be able to play.


…because rather than being a productive member of society, you purposely get a disability to enable your Go addiction.


When you inadvertently pick up and put down small things (candies, coins, piece of rubber, a pen, etc) using your index and middle fingers.


When you place change on the counter like go stones (Have been doin it for 12 years now)


Go-ogle nuff said.


When you find yourself replaying an old game (you learned by heart ofc), dressed with some martial art equipment, behind a Japanese stuff shop window.
Just trying to promote the game; well no one care after all

When you put 10000 small papers in the letterboxes (and you only get 1 new player)


There may be some aji there for black… but that looks dangerously like an empty triangle for white?


…your Foxy betting coins are more important to you than your hungry stomach telling you to resign the game and get something to eat in the morning.

… you realize that setting the Fox client into the default Chinese language to make it look cleaner was a bad idea because you just lost 1,000,000 coins in an accidental bet just because you couldn’t read Chinese.

… you almost have a heart-attack when you are trying to get some sleep in bed after realizing that that last correspondence move probably just cost you the game, and you stay up all night worrying that your opponent will find that costly variation.

… you wake up to realize you just lost 7 out of your 8 hours of sleep for no reason because your opponent did not find that costly variation, and he even resigned the game.


I swear correspondence is bad for your health, this is like a nightly problem when you have a few games going lol


You know your go addict when you find yourself watching an online game if go because your busy and cant play a game, but not so busy thst you cant watch a game.

-when you fin yourself rewatching hikaru no go for the fourth time and actually understsnding the moves being made on the boards

-when you’ve talked about go so much to family and friends that they immediatly think thst anything you say is going to be go related

-when you watch football and see good shape and badh shape and can predict which team is going to win based off of that.

-when you start using go proverbs for your every day life…’‘dont go fishing when your house is on fire’’ is one that i use a lot.

-when you want to put go problems in your DnD game because some go problems are super hard.

-when your writing a book and you reference the gsme as often as you can.

-When you start wishing you had a friendly go playing ghoste to follow you around everywhere

  • when you watch rugby and think thst having the ball is having sente.


Much of my Real Life is more stressing than all my corr. games together … I guess now I must ponder over my Real Life


Play a tesuji in the morning, at the coffee, instead of drinking of it!


When you start to drop ashes in your rosewood bowls (with clam stones) and try to pick your stone in the ashtray.


IIRC I’ve written elsewhere about all the permutations that happened when it was still allowed to smoke at our Go meetings …

  • coffee/tea mug
  • ashtray
  • stones
  • rice biscuits
  • bowls
  • mouth
  • hand

It really happened that somebody placed a biscuit on the board, or put a stone in their mouth … and sure, ashtray/stones/bowls/ashes.
The more exciting the game, the weirder the permutations.


I’ve stuck my hand in my tea cup many times while reaching for a stone :yum:


I hope the person who put the stone in their mouth didn’t bite down. Just when a dentist thinks he’s seen it all!


When you find the pro players to be the most sexy in the world.