Zero game waiting

On its way :slight_smile:


Edit:: I am also experiencing the bug mentioned above :slight_smile:

It would also be somewhat nice to turn this “zero moves available” feature off, as I am not sure of the informational value of the icon. E.g. we usually only see notification icons when there is something to be notified of, like new messages or available moves.

I do appreciate the work going into OGS, but just want to add my two cents regarding the UX of this feature :slight_smile:

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I also want to have this possibility to turn this feature off (and on also).

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It’s not so much the informational value as the functional value. Are you aware that clicking on this button allows you to quickly cycle through your games?

This request will be considered. Currently, my top priority for this feature is fixing the auto-play interaction, which turned out to be slightly more complicated than I initially expected.


The CSS class of the 0 turn-indicator is .count.inactive. You can hide it with any good adblocker- or css-modification-plugin.


Great tip! :heart: By far the easiest solution to implement :wink:

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Just to be helpful, I use uBlock Origin. In case anyone else does, add this to “My Filters” in the options or use the Element Picker Mode (eye dropper icon) to select any element and then overwrite what shows up in the filter box with this text instead.




@AdamR pending anoek approval this should be good to go

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