2023: “Things change, and they don’t change back.”

In one town?

packs bags and checks passport


These plots are produced by Google Trends, which explains the meaning of these values as follows:

Interest over time

Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. A score of 0 means there was not enough data for this term.

Basically, the plots are normalized to have a peak of 100, so everything is only a relative comparison over time and between topics.


No, I don’t. Instead of writing math for 4 pages trying to solve a PDE and having to re-do it because I missed a negative sign, I can simply type “integrate f from a to b” and be sure of the answer.

After much discussion with artists, photographers, conservationists, writers, etc., computers are certainly better used when “solving generic math problems” than “computing”. While I appreciated my computer running millions of simulations of neutrons in liquid argon over and over again for me so that I didn’t have to do it by hand, solving generic things is a far better application of computers.

Also, in no way did I say this was a replacement for learning or that people don’t need to learn the basics. I think you’ll find upon review that I am the one who is constantly stressing the basics in Go. I have annoyed many high SDK players by telling them that their fundamentals and basics are weak. I have also constantly voiced my displeasure to colleagues about the use of graphing calculators in high school, much to the annoyance of administration, so please do not make things up about me.

I also personally think that exams are a very poor motivator for students. “Why are we learning this Mr. jlt?” “Because it’s on your exam”. I would be surprised if anyone would respond with “oh I like that, that is a good reason to learn this topic.”


Initially it was a bit of a marketing exaggeration, but this seems to really be turning out to be “the year of the Sanderson”:

What his mind comes up with to put into his books is just amazing :smiley:
We might not be aware of it because we are living through it, but decades later when we are close to dying we might be hearing about Sanderson being “the Tolkien of this century”.

And doing a science collaboration with Mark Rober was also a great idea … so fun to watch the hydro-sand :100:

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That’s still a computation, not “math in general”. You can’t tell a computer “let G be a finite group of cardinal n, and p the smallest prime factor of n. Prove that any normal subgroup of G of cardinal p is central”.

So we agree on that point: students need to learn things that computers can do. That wasn’t absolutely clear from your previous post.

I would agree that exams alone are poor motivators and that they can’t be the main source of motivation, but they do help, just like tournaments or rated games in go. We certainly don’t study go with the only objective to improve our rank or to win tournaments, but many of us like to have a short term motivation like to improve from n kyu to (n-1) kyu, or to perform well at the next tournament.

You can’t tell a computer “let G be a finite group of cardinal n, and p the smallest prime factor of n. Prove that any normal subgroup of G of cardinal p is central”.



Zelensky must be having a happy 45th birthday today, with the green light for providing Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

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Tackling misinformation is going great.


ChatGPT listed as co-author on scientific papers:


Many academics admit that they are using it and other AIs to help write their papers, even if they aren’t giving it formal credit. Especially if they aren’t native English speakers:



Are we going to have a “must use an AI” sometime? (I mean for us weiqi players)


I used to say that I lived my life as if only asteroid/micro-meteorite impact could kill me :sweat_smile:

However, I’m not saying that in present tense any longer because I got a bad conscience b/c of possible collateral damage.


I plotted rating graphs of Japanese players who’s ever been top-1 Japanese.

What a mess. But you can play quizzes with it. Hey, who do you think that peak player in the mid 1960s is. Who is that one who fell right on 2010 label.


Only a couple of hours to not-Armageddon-asteroid time


Sakata Eio?

Rin Kaiho?

1990-2000 looks quite congested at the top.

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The other one, Rin Kaiho still plays so it’s the green offshoot on the right. I think. The 2010 one is Hashimoto Shoji.

I played a pretty game. Would you take white or black here?

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~7k here (and correspondence only, usually with analysis enabled, therefore maybe more like 8 or 10k in live game?)

At quick glance, I think I’d try it with B.

And don’t ask me where then I ’d play :wink:

And: interesting symmetry, BTW.

Who’s turn?

It’s Black’s turn. I’d take Black.

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