"Accessible Theme" available

FYI OGS now has an “accessible theme”:

It mostly affects the profile page, and presence indicators (everywhere).

There’s ongoing work to improve the main themes so that this isn’t needed, but meanwhile if there’s anything you need to make OGS easier to use from a colour/design perspective, let us know - it’s much easier to add a solution to this theme, even temporarily, while the main ones are refined.


Solid. Also, I’ll change the gold back to the lighter gold while I’m fixing the moderator purple conflict tonight.


Well I don’t have colour issues so why should I care?

But seriously, I think it’s fantastic that your taking the time to improve the accessibility of OGS and even if I was a selfish prick, I would be grateful to you for helping to bring me more opponents who will be able to play without unfair hinderances.



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