AI service outage 2022-08-02

Hi All,

We’re experiencing another ongoing issue with connectivity to our AI servers. This seems to be a recurrence of the same issues faced a couple of days ago. AI service outage 2022-07-30

Our service provider currently believes the network card that we are using on their router needs to be replaced, so they are working on that.

Until that system is back online, game reviews will be delayed and auto-scoring will not work. You can still manually score games by clicking on the dead stones during the stone removal phase.

Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully the new card solves these issues for good.

– anoek


Thanks for dealing with this.

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Thank you much for the notification of the problem.

I’ve had numerous drops with when playing their AI, I wonder if you guys use the same servers? (The AI there is set to katago 50, I think). I note that the overall experience there is still great, as a simple refresh always picks things back up at the right spot.

Regardless, OGS continues to be a fine experience, as well, and I value the service you provide. Thank you again for keeping us, informed!

Joshua (AKA Slower Cuber)


Nope we run our own servers and service, hopefully after this hardware replacement things will be much more stable. It’s one of the few parts of the service where there isn’t redundancy, go figure :wink:


That’s awesome to still have a fallback mechanism for scoring. Thanks for thinking things all the way down.


Aha, so you’re saying to solve the problem of KataGo mis-scoring games, confusing beginners and giving the players information about unsettled positions I just need to DOS attack your AI servers. :smiling_imp:


I think things are back online! Scoring should be working starting now, reviews will probably take a little bit to catchup, but should be good to go soon. Hopefully this is the last of this kind of outage!