An Idea for a Forum Game: Guessing Your Own Games

I have this idea about challenging people to guess their own games. I’m not sure what exactly to make the goal. One way to do it is pull a game of the challenged and make them guess the color they played but that’s bad because it’s 50/50 chances. Maybe pull one real game and 4 more random games of similar strength and guess which one is theirs?

I think this would be interesting especially for players with long OGS history, can you imagine trying to figure out a game you played 3 years ago?

How about this, find 5 participants (longer histories - better) and pull one game from each player, and make them figure out which game is whose.


Just looking at the final situation?
Or also browsing through the whole game?

In the first case I could often be mistaken. In the second I think I would recognise them.


I don’t think I would recognize games I played 3 years ago. My way of playing has evolved quite a bit.

I reckon I could do this for my games 10 years ago, at least if you limit to tournament/ladder games against dan players and hence the ones I put lots of thought into. When I was playing actively I could probably reconstruct all my OGS games from memory for the past few months.

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I think opening might give it away, I play a lot of same-ish joseki.

Yeah, Lys, with browsing through games of course. Might as well try. Here you go, @Lys, which one is yours and which color.

Reminds me of that scene from Spirited Away


@Uberdude could we try then? I hope I did this correctly. Setting the games is a bit of a pain. Only one game is from your game history.


Game 3, I was black, was against gomad361 or vitality.


I’m not willing to try but shall I put one together for you @S_Alexander ?


This is amazing.


Sure, why not.

For @S_Alexander

I think I did this right but please don’t look at game info in case I missed deleting something.

I touched on this subject with Your "play signature", the moves you prefer

It was my right side territory and remembering the annoyance of white getting that lower right 1st line sente yose which triggered my memory here.


I’d say:

  1. Yes, I was black
  2. Yes, white
  3. It’s weird… yes, black, but that double 3-3 opening is strange
  4. I would prefer to say no, I don’t recall much of that game and don’t like many moves, but that top left reminds me of something and makes me feel guilty and lucky, so: yes, black
  5. Yes, black

So, did I nail them?
Did you actually chose 5 games of mine?
I wasn’t expecting that.

(Now I fear for my parents)

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according to

I understood that only one game is yours and the other four are not.


Unless someone pays me, I don’t see any reason anyone wants to, I have no interest in looking at my ugly games.

Sounds fun! Can someone set up one for me?

I’d be interested to try. I wonder if each person who gets a try sets up for the next one… Maybe unless they get it right in which case the previous person sets up another …

… Hmmm actually this account is too new :frowning:

Assuming only one game was mine… My answer is the fifth one, I’m black.

I feel I might’ve played B10. And then push G10 felt quite annoying. I quite easily can imagine snapping back at white with E13 J15 and then cut off O18 to fight white. Sequence with K17 is quite magical. But most importantly double atari N5 and P14. I convinced myself I played this game.


Could I have a go?