Analyze your style: an interesting app!

Buried down in a thread about memorizing pro games was a link to a web app someone build which analyzes your playing style. Here’s the link:

Simply upload around 40 games (I did 43 but only 37 got analyzed, possibly due to game length?), and the app will analyze your balance of moyo based vs. territorial play, classic vs. novel moves, calm vs. aggressive play, thickness vs. shinogi, tell you which pros are similar to you, and estimate your strength. I had fun checking my results, so I thought I’d provide a link somewhere that’s not buried in another thread :slight_smile:

Here’s me:
Supposedly I’m:

  • Territorial (though I think this is changing)
  • Classic as opposed to novel (that’s the goal, for now)
  • Calm as opposed to aggressive
  • Fairly balanced between thickness and shinogi
  • 2d KGS?!

Apparently we’ve got a strong server, over here.


I got the same result, except it said I’m a 2k :slight_smile:

Perhaps they were missing data for strong Dans in their training set?

…or their strength estimator just isn’t very good :smile:

When i have some time im most certainly going to take a look at this… thank you very much.

My results:

The tool evaluates my strength as 15 kyu KGS, compared to my actual 17 kyu rank on OGS which I thought was inflated (I still regard myself as a “just past TPK”).

Could a more experienced player elaborate on my style?

For joseki, I switch between low Chinese, nirensei (with keima approach) and sanrensei, following up with the few elementary sequences that I remember (like 3-3 corner invasion) or whatever Josekipedia recommends. That may be why I am rated classic.

Then I simply try to keep my groups connected and opposing groups separated. I handle basic tactics well enough (for my level) when they arise but do not start unnecessary fights. Very safe and calm, I guess?

The above is contradicted by my apparent slight preference for moyos, which is confusing. Is that explained by taking obvious big points (which may include the centre, if open) and always playing on the same side (never diagonally opposite corners)?

Funny that the same style/strength apps get rediscovered over and over again. Somewhat indicates that go community is bad at keeping them in obvious places.



Add it to Other Go Resources page.

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It’s already here:


Funnily enough, I analysed AquaBot (9d+) and this estimated a rank of 2d KGS Which is absurd, given AquaBot plays at a top professional level.
So this website may be good up until around 5 kyu, after that it may not be so helpful. I found the analysis interesting however. It seems high strength player needs fighting spirit with novel moves.

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By the way, here is another discussion where people have compared their results:

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This explains that. It sounds more like a clickbait than a truly useful app.

Or not.

Argh, too late.

Oh well, if it makes people happy…

ok, but is there an easy to d/l 40 games sgf here in ogs? or we have to do it one by one?

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Don’t be so negative, just because app that was developed before AlphaGo placed a superhuman bot somewhere in dan area, doesn’t mean it’s not useful.


Someone did an app to do that, some time ago.

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My results:

Based on 27 games (I play mostly on IGS, and had some 2 stone games).

  • Territorial (that’s the goal with White… but I think i miss some potential with black for territory too)
  • More or less classical… but with some novel approach…
  • Calm as opposed to aggressive (on the sample, at least)
  • Fairly balanced between thickness and shinogi
  • 12k ±2.3 (I think is accurate… is the same of OGS Rank… Maybe the server inflates the ranks a bit, but I put some crappy early games too)

I will search for Ishida Yoshio games, but I realy like Kobayashi Koichi games (as Black) and Fujisawa Rina (as white)…

Very nice APP…