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I’m new to the site, so apologies if this has been discussed before.

Is there a way to turn on a notification when an “atari” is played?

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No. If you get stronger you probably won’t want this anymore.



But there is a sound after the atari.


This option could be great to provide for a few players (like beginners) but not for the majority of players so it can’t be proposed.

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Wouldn’t it reinforce the bad habit of puppy Go and becoming attached to stones which may better be sacrificed?


Well when i warn a beginner about “you are in atari” i oblige myself to say “but do as you want, you can save them only if you desire so”. And this is like an introduction to the idea of sacrifice somewhere… (Although sacrifice is a bit of “over the head” concept at this level, most captures resulting in a catastrophe on the board)

A bit later i may ask if he still wants me to continue to warn (can be in the same game)

To see atari is a very first step in reading so besides very specific rare cases most players will step in and play without being warned. Losing some stones may help to be more careful anyway.

Note/ @moderators topic can be merged with the one mentioned by @stone.defender ?

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i have poor vision. i miss a lot of atari’s especially when playing the bots.


Would really love the feature to be able to toggle an atari notification.

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I do not want this for myself, and I would not want my opponent to have the advantage of it either. I think it would be fair to offer it to 20k and weaker, maybe as part of a “beginner mode”, though I cannot think off-hand of what else that would entail. While it could in principle be part of the game request, that is already fuller than I wish it could be!

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When I used this feature in face to face, it’s only in the first few games with a full beginner. I don’t want to encourage so I’am even not suggesting a choice part of a game request.

It would be a nice feature for some players with poor vision but then I don’t see other way as going through a complex request to a moderator to offer it (if it would exist), considering the usual way to play the game.

I am not the most experienced Go player and so would love to know more about why people don’t think it is good to have this option as I don’t quite understand.

Because saving the stones in Atari might not be the best choice.
There might be better moves on the board and a hint about an Atari might especially less experienced Players distract from looking for them.


Also because spotting ataris is part of the very basic skills of the game, and this kind of feature may encourage beginners to rely on outside help instead.


There’s also the slippery slope argument (fallacy?), if people want an alert for an atari then what next? An alert when the opponent plays a peep? When they play a move which is sente to kill your group? When they play a ladder breaker? When they play a good move? When they deviate from joseki? What is so special about atari that makes it deserving of a server feature helping you to see it if you can’t yourself, other than its simplicity of implementation? Even for people who are vision-impaired, I don’t see why atari is so special, surely that also causes problems with e.g. a not seeing a move was sente to kill your group so you ignore it.


For vision impaired people it might be special, because it basically is only a visual problem (for anyone but beginners) while all the other problems like life an death have vision and cognitive parts. So I can see why someone would ask for assistance in one but not the other.

Otherwise I’m in full agreement with what you said.

Maybe can have an interface with something like this for beginners. The face on the stone would be obvious enough :laughing:

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Thanks all for your replies, it’s interesting to hear some different perspectives.

I’m not a beginner (8k currently) and am not asking for any other notifications. I would just find the option to toggle this useful. Perhaps it could be added as an option with the caveats to the possible downsides of enabling this included for beginners. Isn’t anything that helps people to learn the game and improve good thing?

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