Aver & Move 78 - The Algorithm Smiles Upon You MUSIC FOR GO

Hi everyone! I am posting this because I wanted to make sure everyone knows about this fantastic album of music that would be great to listen to during a game. The name of the artist is “Aver & Move 78” and the album is called “The Algorithm Smiles Upon You”. If you enjoy the ‘lo-fi’, downtempo type of remixed jazz and soul, this will satisfy. But the reason for posting it is because the gorgeous cover art confirmed the go reference in their name. I love it! What do you all think?

Here is the link:
Aver & Move 78 Full Album on YouTube

Of course, they have their album on vinyl in either black or white as well:
Aver & Move 78 - The Algorithm Smiles Upon You records for sale


This album while drinking a hot cup of coffee and playing a game on that aji style board from Ghost City Go:
Ghost City Go Aji Style Red Go Board

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We have a thread where you could contribute and share the music you like, it’s here

(Just in case you didn’t see it)


My impression from the title is that this thread is intended for music specifically suited to being background Go playing music.


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We also have a specific thread for music related to Go. :grin:

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Posted. Thank you! I didn’t know about the music thread, but now I do.