Bot Opponent for noob rank 25k+

Hi there !

Pretty new on OGS, wanted to play a little but got defeated a lot… Now ranked 25k+ and can’t play if nobody’s connected.

I just wanted to know if a bot was planned for noobs, or if playing agains 13-15k bot might be enabled for ranking?

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

  • Bots
    … are operated by users, not the site. Maybe someone is planning to introduce a bot, maybe not. Difficult to predict.

  • A list of bots
    … can be found here. It looks like not all of them are rank restricted.

  • Sidenote on the XY problem
    You just want to play? :slight_smile: Or play against a bot?

  • Whether you should play against bots as a beginner
    This question was raised recently in this thread.

  • Find a game against a human player
    Ask for a teaching game. Write that as the game name if you post a challenge. You can also ask on the forum, as so many others did before. Teaching games against humans are a good way to learn, especially when there is a review afterwards. You can also join one of the study groups. Let me shamelessly refer you to this “shameless” post.



Hey !

Thanks for your answer !

I did not knew Bots were operated by users, my bad !

I was talking about those :

As i’m ranked 25k+ I get an error “Can not play a ranked game with rank difference > 9”

I want to play against bot to try different things without bothering people. I like try and die.

I didn’t knew for those “teaching game” and I will for sure ask for some !

hi optipanda!

let me offer you that teaching game :D.
just ask when you see me online.


Hello, let me just add my ideas as well :slight_smile:

You still can, just make the match unranked. At the moment it is currently impossible to play ranked matches with more than 9 stones difference and I do not think this will be changed any time soon.

On computers finding a weak bot is indeed almost impossible. However you can find bots with very low settings for android, if you ever wanted to practice in bus or something :). Search for “crazy stone light” or “go free”. The ranks are a little misrepresented there, sayin 15k on a level that might suit a beginner just fine I think.

And feel free to send me a challenge as well if you ever feel like training with a human :slight_smile:


Master Mantis does play at 25k level, you just can’t play ranked games against it due to the rank inflation it gains by winning against the new 13k accounts owned by honest-to-god 30k players.

If you wish to play a bot that’s even worse, try IdiotBot on KGS.

I don’tquite see the value in playing against something that makes 100% random moves though. You’d learn and improve quicker by memorizing pro games. The Alphago Lee approach.

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If that is really the case, then some ddk-players, 16k+ say, should play MasterMantis, just so that its rank gets deflated again.
I might try that this weekend.

Also, I second your second comment.

If Master Mantis truly plays at a 25k level that makes me feel even worse since it beats me by at least ten points in 9x9 games every time! :smiley: :open_mouth:


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Don’t be too sad. It beats me on 6 stones.