Bug: Submiting a different move

This has happened to me 3 times today. I mark a move to play and click submit, but a move on the 19th(top) line is submitted instead of my indicated move (I think it is always L19, but I cannot remember exactly). Luckily neither of my games was lost due to this (undos and game cancellation saved me), but it could cost the game in a tight blitz. I play from an Android tablet, but I have never experienced anything like this untill today. I think there is a bug in the new update.

+1 mine was on h19, luckily my opponent was gracious enough to let me undo

Sounds similar to these two old android bug reports

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sorry to complicate things but i was on an iPad.

Bump: was writing a chat message to my opponent and the server played L19 without me indicating where to play (playing with submit button, it couldn’t have been a miss click). This happened 4 times I’m the last 2 days. Please squash the bug ASAP.

If someone can figure out how to reproduce this reliably I’d appreciate it. I’ve never personally seen it on any of my 6 available android devices nor my iPad, so it’s impossible for me to try and fix.

I have the submit mode for both live and correspondence games set to Submit-move button, and this has happened to me 5 times in the past 2 days. The fifth time another move was added later in the game just to the left (K19). Since this was a tournament game (no undos) the 2 bad moves(a pass would be better) completely blew my (I admit very slim) chance to win the game. I am using Chrome browser on KitKat running Android tablet.

PS It happens only in 19x19 board games

I wonder if anyone read my links. Try to “fix” this by turning coordinate markings as> "setting “goban labels” to “all sides”, “top-left” or “top-right” I could never reproduce it."
ok block quote…

This just happened to me on my Windows laptop, so I don’t think it’s Android-related. I had goban labels set to “all sides”, so it can definitely happen even with this setting.

I have the same kind of problem. Today I had it for the third time. In this game it happened with move 44. the game ->
I placed H15, hit submit, there was a little delay, the screen flased, the stone moved to G19 and then the submit button reacted. Difficult problem.

I use an ipad mini 2 with safari. I will try another browser.