Can an admin change the winner and loser of a game?

I just passed in a game, which I clearly lost, in order to end the game. However, because my opponent didn’t close his border (I think?), I ended up winning. Of course this isn’t what I want (and I can imagine that’s not what my opponent wants). I want my opponent to take the win. Can an admin help here?

Hi, changing the result unfortunately is not possible, but I’m going to annul the game


Thank you @_Sofiam. As this was a tournament game, I see the win is already registered :cry:. I also checked with the tournament organiser if we can manually adjust the scores there. Lesson learned for me (and I also hope for my opponent).

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I also changed your and sangoskarlet, even if visually sangoskarlet still appears as the winner.


Sorry @_Sofiam, didn’t quite get your last sentence? You mean you also changed our scores for the tournament (I alluded to the tournament in the game chat)?

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If you want to end a game with your loss then you should resign.

Pass means you think there are no productive moves left and the position is finished and ready for counting, which it was not.


Thanks, just looked at this thread again. I forgot the feedback given there. I was wrong not to resign in this instance.

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I’m going to resign from the tournament the game was part of as well, I won’t feel right continuing.

Yes, I changed your points in the tournament.


Thanks for confirming.

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I can see how you might have gotten confused with the other thread, so my personal opinion is that you shouldn’t beat yourself up too much :slight_smile: Just try to learn as much as you can from it.

This experience should have clarified that you should never pass if borders aren’t closed, or the game won’t be scored correctly.

If borders are closed, I guess it’s more of a grey area when it is more appropriate to pass or resign, which is why the other thread was so complicated :slight_smile:


Thanks for the words of encouragement :slight_smile:


By the way, this is another example of the scoring system acting incorrectly, I can’t find the other topic now but I remember @Conrad_Melville being in it.

I wonder if it would make sense to maybe make a compendium of these cases, notifying the devs, or linking this thread there?

That already exists. @Uberdude created it.

(And I would be very surprised if @Conrad_Melville would not have contributed to it).


Oh, that was the topic I remembered :laughing:

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I think it is about time that there should be a meta compendium that contains all topics that are about OGS scoring system.



I have been accumulating cases, especially re the “autoscore bug,” including some that I never posted. When I have time…


Well, this thread gives you one more :laughing: