Can the game start notif plz make a sound?

It doesnt help much when there is a little beep that tells me the match was cancelled, but it would help if there was a beep when the match has started.


Speaking personally, a beep sound that announces the beginning of a game does seem like a reasonable feature. I thought we used to have a beep sound in a previous version of OGS, although I might be wrong.

PS: It seems my comment from the Add Time thread was grossly misunderstood. Please feel free to discuss it with me by PM.


This is my own “most wanted” feature, along with switching the tab to focus for the starting game.

It is regularly requested.

Somewhere there is a place where we can vote for features - I recall voting there, though I can’t find that now.

If someone could remind us where that is, the OP could go vote :slight_smile:


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@GreenAsJade I think it’s this one:

there was some talk about making uservoice obsolete, but I THINK it’s back in action, so vote away…


Yes, I recall that uservoice was officially reinstated.

It probably deserves a link from OGS some place eh!

Vote, everyone, vote! :slight_smile:

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Bumping this because its the most important feature


Oh boy how I’m missing this feature! It doesn’t have to be even a sound, it could be anything that tells me that a game has started. So often a game has started and I’m in another tab doing other stuff only to be that asshole who doesn’t make his first move!

I also wrote it about in April when I first saw that the notifications have changed. See Changed start of game notification - hard to spot


…and yet it appears you haven’t voted for it?

The number of votes has not increased for the last few days, at least.

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Boom, voted! Thanks for bringing this up, not sure how I missed that.

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Chrome browser has the Push Notification for OGS. It notifies me when a game has started. However, there was an instance where it didn’t notify me or I didn’t notice the notification and my opponent cancelled on me.

A secondary audio and visual backup notification would be great!

At least I can do other work while waiting for a challenge to be accepted.


I’ve submitted a PR for this, just waiting for it to get approved/deployed.

(Oops I didn’t mean to dig up an old thread about this! Too late, done now! :slight_smile: )


Oh yay. Thanks a ton. This really was a long time comming. :tada:

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I’ll drop my response to another thread about this here: Beep on game start

Update on this topic, can’t say it any better than GaJ. :slight_smile:

Is it me again? Or ppl have trouble losing on time because are unaware that the game started.

Just noticed that a lot of games are lost on site wide tournaments because players do not show up. It happened to me too few times. Few weeks ago I remember that there was a sound at starting a game. I do not hear it anymore. It may be a bug as it was with click sound. I could not hear it, even in settings was OK. In other browser was OK. But I still use Firefox, not ready to switch. I just played without sound till came again on on its own. The same with starting match sound. Just for me, no problem, only try to be more careful… good for training. But there are too many games like this.

There should be added one more sound this time for the opponent.
If the opponent wants the game and notice that the other one is not showing up, or moving, a buzz button will be useful. At least when the other one is with black. When is with white, can hear the move sound.