Changing goban background on mobile?

I really have liked the improvements made on the mobile app so far, but I think it would be great if we can also put in our own custom board backgrounds like we do on the regular site. I am not a big fan of the light board that is the only option on mobile right now. Hopefully this isn’t too difficult to do. Hope you see this OGS devs (: Thanks

I don’t use the mobile app, i m still everyday on mobile. Using my own goban background…

That’s not them managing the app, but @MrAlex

If you want some changes there, you better ask him in the dedicated thread

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In fact, it’s important for the OP to clarify what mobile app you are talking about, so that the person best placed to help you knows about your request.

I am aware of these possible things you are talking about:

  • “The Android App” - referred to by Groin - called “Sente”
  • “The iOS App” - called “Surround”
  • OGS own web-client (probably you are not referring to that, because it does support changing the background. Maybe you’d like to use this instead :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

There are other less known OGS clients as well.

Bottom line: share what you’re hoping to use, and maybe find the right thread for it for better success.

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I am talking about Sente. Is there a dedicated place to message for that app?

Yep, the thread linked by Groin :+1: