Cheating Allegations in AGA City League 2021

In AGA City League 2021 Remi Campagnie 6d lost to Tong Qiu 1k at the end of February. They appealed the game, but authorities didn’t find signs of cheating convincing. They’re going to implement webcams for further rounds. But also they yeeted Remi’s team because one of the players aired the laundry on social media.

From Remi’s facebook: Rémi Campagnie | Facebook

The game: Play Go at! | OGS


So he is saying a 1kyu can not beat a 6d? I wouldn’t whine that in public. :sweat_smile:


If I understand correctly, the claim here is not “a 1kyu can not beat a 6D”, but rather that this particular individual cheated.


Looking at the game I wouldn’t think the 1kyu was cheating either and that the 6d was just over rated (obviously he is not over-rated please do not misunderstand I know Remi is a very good and strong player) I just mean that it looks like he didn’t play very well this game and that the 1kyu played very well this time and happened to meet in the middle.


Posts that are not public get in the way of my information. :frowning:


Thanks for the share by the way S_Alexander. Very interesting.


It’s entirely possibly this 1 kyu cheated. It’s also possible he improved dramatically. It’s also possible the 6d did not perform well giving the large gap of strength or whatever reason.

But when you accuse someone, it’s your burden to prove. I did not see any specifics in the FB post of his analysis of his opponent’s move, something like very high percentage of matching AI suggestions.

That, to me, is a whine. But I don’t really care either of them. Just saying.

If I, as a 2kyu, were to use AI to beat a 6D, I could not possibly master the game that well to win by 2.5 points. It would be a landslide win for sure.


@S_Alexander with the tea! :tea:

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Can someone copy-paste the post here? I don’t want to log into Facebook just to read it.



Here is my 1 post in 5 years to address a growing issue in the online competitive go world.

I got toyed with and convincingly lost my game by 2.5 against Tong Qiu (qtmason) 1 kyu from Cincinnati in the Pandanet ACL League B 2021 Round 4. Very few online go competition uses anticheat mesures like screen sharing or webcam despite the popularization and easy use of superhuman AI.

When 1k outplays 6d using 20min of his 1h + 10min/25stones time I think we should at the very least talk about the possibility of cheating in tournament and take preventive mesures.

It is a very serious issue and as I am aware there is no perfect solution available at this time, we should take few steps to prevent cheating in go events (online or offline). My hope is that every online tournament uses at least webcam or screen sharing and that if someone is caught cheating they would be banned from any tournaments for 1~5 years minimum.

What do you think of the possibilty of AI cheating in tournament ? Are you concerned about it and what action do you want to be taken if any to avoid its uses ?


You are welcome.

Btw, we are not taking sides. We are just bored. :grinning:


So, is he saying he made no serious mistakes, and the only way to counter his moves would be to cheat?
I can’t possibly judge a 6D’s game, but I wonder if there aren’t some obvious wrong moves that a relatively good player in a good day could use to their advantage.

And hinting that the anticheat team (or whatever it’s called, probably some good enough players to know what they’re doing) missed something so obvious that excuses public accusations, is not a nice move.

I would like to know if the other side responded.


I won’t give my opinion if there was fraud or not - I don’t want to damage the reputation of either player.

I agree that vid taping for competitive online games should be mandatory.

Unfortunately it is impossible to decide whithout fail, whether someone cheated or not, using the game record alone. As a result, by your logic, under no circumstances is it ok to accuse anybody of cheating.

Fortunately I am not playing go competetively anymore, so I don’t care too much. But for people who do play go competetively, cheating is a huge issue. The thought that someone may have cheated can be extremely discouraging and weigh down on you. I believe that most people don’t want to think badly of their opponents, but the thought tends to creep in and bother you.

I’m not saying that Tong Qiu cheated in that game, but saying that Remi Campagnie is just whining over a loss, is not fair either in my opinion.


Here is an interesting video on related topic.



So, how about that Harry and Meghan interview??


Btw I recently encountered a cheater (or at least noticed cheating) for the first in a casual game here on OGS.

The thing is, if you are accusing someone without proof, you are tarnishing someone’s reputation without proof, because things tend to linger. The other player will always have an unresolved accusation over their head and this is unfair.

Also, imagine if the accused is innocent, how much it creeps in and bothers them, the injustice.


To tell the world I don’t deserve the loss, because I am supposed to win, is a whine.

Swallow it. :sweat_smile:


You are trying to get me banned, aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: