Clock has not switched to Weekend Mode. Need fix ASAP!

It is 8:02 AM Saturday local time yet my clock is winding down in my corro game with Weekend Pause. I’m not ready to make a move but now have only just over 8 hrs left on the clock. I request a Moderator or Support person remedy this ASAP - that is switch the clock to Weekend Mode. I would also like the approx 8 hrs (and increasing!) time restored to my clock balance. Many thanks.

Weekend mode on the server starts in approximately 2 hours.

Please check here for the exact time, when you need it.


Thanks for the quick replies. I was in a mild panic.

Man, 8hrs? I m not a blitz player too

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Very old post Vacation / Pause on Weekends - #2 by anoek

Does the weekend start in a bit less than two hours is the question? (00:00 UTC ?)

** Edit **

Oh that’s handy to know :slight_smile:

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Perfect <3 couldn’t have said it better myself, I proposed having the server clock more visible, such as on your home page, but anoek felt it was better tucked away on the about page… such is life

Regrettably impossible, but you may take solace in the fact that you now have the 48 hours of weekend time :slight_smile: also you now know where to find the information should you need it again.


Additionally you can pause the clocks in all your correspondence games by using the vacation feature

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