Codenames Pictures #2

After finishing the first game here, I am organising a second round of this game.

I created a larger grid than the previous round, because why not, eh?

There are two teams, Blue and Red, each comprised of one team leader and a bunch of guessers.

If you want to join the game, feel free to say so in this thread, then you will be added to one of the teams as an additional guesser.

I generated the following 49 pictures (click to enlarge, a version with coordinates printed can be found below as well):

with coordinates

I have randomly generated the following teams:

Red Team Captain: @mafidufa
Red Team Guessers: @_Sofiam, @Leira

Blue Team Captain: @shinuito
Blue Team Guessers: @yebellz, @ArsenLapin1

The rules will be the same as last time, but I will repeat them below.

The Rules


There is a Blue Team and a Red Team.

There are 49 pictures, of which:
18 Blue pictures;
17 Red pictures;
12 Neutral pictures;
2 Dark pictures;

The goal of the Blue Team Guessers is to identify all the Blue pictures. The goal of the Red Team Guessers is to identify all the Red pictures.

The Blue Team Leader and Red Team Leader know which pictures are which, and will give hints to help their teammates.

If a team accidentally identifies the Dark picture, they lose.

Turn order

Teams alternate taking turns. A turn consists in two phases:

  1. The Leader gives a hint and a number. The hint must be a single word. The number must be between 1 and 9.
  2. The Guessers discuss, then make a guess by giving the coordinates of a picture in the grid or by passing.
  3. The Team Leaders or myself reveal the secret colour of the guessed picture.

If the number given as a hint is N, then phases 2 and 3 are repeated N+1 many times, until a colour is revealed which is not that team’s colour. For instance, if Red Team Leader has given hint and number “Buildings, 3”, then Red’s turn ends as soon as the Red Guessers have guessed 4 Red pictures, or have guessed 1 Blue, Neutral or Dark picture.

If a Team Leader is not certain whether the word they want to give as clue is really a word or not, they can ask the other Team Leader and myself by private message, and we’ll decide together.

Guessers should make it clear and explicit when they are guessing a picture, by stating it on a single bolded line, such as “Blue Team guesses A3.”. (Note that I haven’t yet generated the grid of colours as I am writing this example)

As soon as a Guesser makes a clear and explicit guess on a single bolded line, it cannot be undone, no matter whether the other Guessers in the team agreed with it or not.

Game end

Game ends when:

  • all pictures of one team’s colour have been revealed: that team wins;
  • or when the Dark picture has been revealed: the team who revealed it loses.


  • Public communication between all Guessers is allowed and encouraged, here on this thread.
  • Guessers should make it clear when they are making an official guess, as opposed to discussing their potential guesses.
  • Private communication between the Guessers is forbidden.
  • Communication from the Leaders is limited to what is explicitly allowed by the rules: giving the hint at the start of the round, and announcing the colour of a guessed word.
  • Private communication in a 3-way private conversation between the 2 Team Leaders and myself is allowed.
  • Discussion between guessers is strongly encouraged, as long as it’s public on this thread. Discussion from Leaders will be mostly forbidden as soon as I have sent the grid of colours.

To clarify, I went with “single words” as a prompt, since there seems to be a preference for that.

Over to the Blue Captain @shinuito for the first hint.


I’ll be away for two weeks starting saturday, so please, dear readers, do join the game so we have more guessers!

In the rules above, “the Dark picture” should probably be replaced by “a Dark picture”.

Have a nice game everyone!


When @yebellz suggested putting A1 in the lower left, I believe this is the orientation that was intended :wink:



Oh… Yeah…

Hmm, perhaps next game :sweat_smile:

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Is it really too late to change?

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This discussion remind me of an occasion when we played a blind giant 9x9 rengo during a train ride. Several players asked “wait, how are the coordinates oriented? we haven’t decided”. Then all the mathematicians in the room laughed and we didn’t decide.


It’s not too late, but I’m wanted to go to bed now
And it doesn’t really matter


Ok, I’ve changed the coordinates to align with the goban.


Are we still keeping the N+1 st guess optional as a bonus guess? Like in your example, the red gets three right and then can skip the fourth guess?

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Yes. If a prompt is “Word, 2” for example, then the team gets 2 guesses + 1 bonus guess. They can decide to pass at any point instead of guessing a picture.


Dancing, 3


In the original Codenames rules, the Guessers have to make at least one guess, but all subsequent guesses are optional. That is, at any point during our turn, we can stop if we want. Not just for the final bonus guess.

It just so happens that it often makes sense to skip the bonus guess, and less often makes sense to skip the non-bonus guesses.


My obvious first choices would be G1 (dancer in Picasso style); B2 (dancer with red-caped partner) and F3 (crocodile in a tutu).

However, all three are dancers. And shinuito did not say “dancer”, but “dancing”. So I think there is a subtlety.


  • the crocodile is wearing a tutu, but is not currently dancing; perhaps someone else is dancing, but less obviously a “dancer” than the crocodile in a tutu.
  • “dancing” can also refer to a place where people dance.

What do you think, @yebellz ?

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I think that B2 is the most obvious dancing image. The others seem reasonable, but maybe the crocodile is not actually dancing.

Another possibility is F2 with a possible ballerina in the background.

Looks like the coordinates changed after all.

So, with the new coordinate system:

Team Blue guesses B2

the ballet dancer with an extended leg, and a partner wearing a red cape.

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B2 is blue :slight_smile:


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@yebellz should we propose the crocodile at F4?

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Ok I’ll guess that

Blue guesses F4

F4 is Blue too.

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