Do you contribute to Sensei's Library?

I’m thinking about maybe writing something for Sensei’s Library. Do forum dwellers contribute to it?

I don’t know if the library is still active at all or more or less dead (as a community).


Immediately after AlphaGo (Master) finished it’s streak, I prepared a list of the elo and world rank of all the bot’s opponents. That info wasn’t available in a compiled form at the time. My intention was to submit it to SL, but I never got around to it. I probably still have the data around here somewhere, but I don’t know where.

I don’t contribute because I don’t feel competent enough.

No idea if the community is dead. But if so, all the more reason to revive it!

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On the homepage it says 6 pages were edited in the last 24 hours.

That could be one person editing or 6 I suppose or somewhere in between :slight_smile:

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I contributed pretty heavily in late 2017 and early 2018, but not since then. The most useful page I ever made was (which could do with an update!)


Hey, if we always wait for the competent ones we won’t get anything done at all.

I’m thinking whether it’s worth it. Do people at least read it?

I have some things in mind that I’d like to commemorate somewhere. Maybe tie it to this forum, that is make a page and copy it to forum so other forum dwellers know about it and maybe add something. And doing it like that creates additional copy so if senseis goes belly up we have something left.

@bugcat any tips about writing to senseis? I especially don’t know anything about categories/tags.

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I remember nothing at all about that sort of thing, I’m afraid.

I love SL and have read extensively in it, although not recently. It’s a tremendous resource and is indispensable as a reference to which I can send players when moderating. It has a page for prospective contributors IIRC.

Yes, SL has been for years, if not the only, the most complete resource around Go out there.
I consider it still precious, and when I jumps around among its pages, I can still find something unknown and noticeable. There are - on the other side - a lot of broken links, since the site is not maintained extensively anymore. It is a resource for all the Go-lovers (of the past, of the present, and the new young of the future) that should be protected in some way.



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I have enjoyed Sensei’s library for a long long time and still refer to it regularly.
It would be great the have latest thinking/AI teachings better represented there. I feel that is the big gap but I might be wrong about that since I try to only dip in and out these days. I used to get sucked into endless clicking through there previously!

Yeah, the most annoying thing is that all the images are hosted offsite, and the hosting sites seem to go down every year.

I look up stuff on sensei’s pretty often. I haven’t contributed yet

My tips (coming from my experience with contributing to Wikipedia):

  1. You don’t need to have “perfect” knowledge to contribute.
  2. You don’t need to find something completely new to add. Actually, it is much, much more important to maintain (and sometimes rebuild) existing pages - like, correcting errors, changing or removing outdated information, rewriting overly complicated sentences. That is very valuable work.

Well, how about this. Leela Zero vs Haylee, all links in one place.


Although I’m comfortable contributing to wikis, I’m not comfortable contributing to Senseis.

If feels like “crashing into a zombie party”.

There are all those old and unfinished conversations hanging around there from eons ago - it’s very hard to find an “insertion point”.

(I did experiment a little with replacing some sequence diagrams with links to gokibitz so we could have more active representations, but that turned out to be unrewarding)


That’s true, still I want to write some things down before we forget them. I don’t care much where to write them. But senseis looks like it’s the best place.


You could add ogs joseki to this list :slight_smile:


I continue logging bot matches. I almost forgot about this one already.


Remember 2017?