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Here’s one I stumbled on just now: Bill Spight's Elf Positional Judgment Exercises at Sensei's Library


What’s the threshold for interesting? This description of the covers of the Get Strong At Go series has stuck in my mind ever since I read it a long long time ago, something about the matter of fact description amused me:

The covers all have pictures of angry warriors. Some of them are throwing a goban, some of them are standing on it. The stones are all over the floor.

Somehow I encountered this page back before many of these would have made any real sense to me, but I still found the list of parodies amusing too

As for actually interesting pages… I recently found this page to be a good jumping off point to some others: What Actions the Stones Are Doing

Some of these I had never heard before: Blighting, Inducing, …


These article lists are SL’s version of Quick positions or Questions that don’t deserve their own thread. They’ve been receiving response since the 2000s.


Go news 2005-15.

This other thread about studying life and death shapes [Study Group] Essential Life and Death Patterns is quite like a curated list of Sensei’s Library articles focusing on essential life and death patterns

I found this page about fractional eyes quite interesting:

It’s based on a paper which (roughly speaking) applies the methods of combinatorial game theory on eyes instead of points. The results are surprisingly simple and quite applicable in real game situations (although the presentation on Sensei’s might give the impression that it’s simpler than it actually is, since some pathological cases are omitted).


Iwamoto Kaoru on SL

Link to his supreme “go for beginners” book included.