Error 502, permanent loading or red cross

Hello Go enthusiasts,

Having started playing Go 3 days ago, I’m trying to get the hang of this site, but I have many problems when trying to play normal / blitz games.

More often than not, but particularly with 19x19, the site will put me in a permanent loading screen (, give me this error 502 ( or show me a red cross with no error message (cannot find it at this time, will edit the message or add another one to the thread if it shows up again).

When I am finding myself in this situation, I can’t : play - try to log out - explain the situation in the chat / personal message to my opponent - resign. I can go to other websites seamlessly so this isn’t a problem on my end. Also tried on different browsers, still no solution.

I have seen many instances of this issue in the forums (e.g.: Error 502 Bad Gateway) but no solution afaik.

Today, this made my opponent wait 20 minutes in front of his screen because I could not do anything…

But the site was not down at that time according to

So am I doing something wrong ? Is there a fix for this situation ? What should I do when this happens ?

Thank you in adance.

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