Feature Request: Clone/Review A Demo Board For Game Relays

For the Midwest Open twitch broadcast ( https://www.twitch.tv/badukclub ), we ran into a situation where we needed to review a live game relay from a real board. We had a game recorder using OGS to record a live real-board game and commentators in another room (and over discord video chat) reviewing the game in real time.

We have no way on OGS to review a Demo Board / Game Feed.

Our solution was to have the game recorder use 2 accounts to create a game on OGS that we could review - but this was less than ideal for obvious reasons. 1) It doesn’t give the audience the opportunity to follow along on OGS 2) The game recorder has to manage multiple windows and doesn’t have access to editing tools 3) It creates false games on OGS 4) The players identities aren’t displayed with the game record.

My feature request is to be able to Review/Clone a Demo Board to more efficiently solve this issue.

Thank you for considering,
Daniel ML


Could the players open two real accounts on OGS and have a two-person team (one taking the record to ensure no mistakes are made because of real timing , the other doing the input in the two real accounts) manage the OGS stuff?

That’s still a quite annoying situation for the game recorder and an at-best inconvenience/annoyance for the players.

Other servers solve this issue by allowing reviews of game relays - which is ideal imo.


Yeah, can’t see why this should not be an option.

@anoek might wanna have a look :slight_smile:


It’s not ideal, it could be a work-around.

I mean, yeah, I could continue to hack it - or I could use a different server. But the point of a feature request is to request a missing feature, no? :wink:


Request a feature on OGS? Get in line, sir. :yum:

I have the feeling, a game record should be like a game. One sequence of moves, no variations.

Additionally, if game records are like games, we can run an AI review for the game.


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