Feature Request: Demo board clone with auto-update

It would be good if a demo board A could be cloned by another user to B, and when A adds moves they automatically get added to the game tree of B, but B retains control of what position is being shown (if B has already shown the game move the trees need to be merged). This is useful when A is a broadcast online of a real life tournament game, and B is the commentator showing variations.

Yesterday I did the commendatory of the British Go Championship, and we did both the game relay and commentary on KGS. The presence of this feature on KGS and lack on OGS was one of the key reasons for choosing KGS. Another is KGS has in-built audio commentary, but as we are thinking of doing video streaming to twitch next year this becomes less relevant. I know that some of the EGF professionals like Ali Jabarin have mentioned this lack of demo clone was also why they broadcast and commented some games on KGS rather than OGS, with video streaming to twitch. But there are some advantages to OGS, such as an easily shareable URL to the game with no client install needed, and a nice way for users to share variations. If OGS added the demo clone feature, that would help us to pick OGS next time.

Also what is the OGS policy on previously banned users making reviews which are then promoted as events (on KGS your game goes to the top of the game list, on OGS with those little pop up notifications)? A KGS admin refused to promote my review because I was on a blocklist, presumably as I have been banned from KGS in the distant past (last time over 10 years ago iirc). I have also been banned from OGS. Would this be a problem here?

N.B. This feature was previously requested at Feature Request: Clone/Review A Demo Board For Game Relays but that thread was auto-closed so I couldn’t comment there.


The same problem was mentioned here: Re: Review Demo Board


Your ban history may come into consideration before we gave you the ability to create those announcements yourself, if that were something you desired, though if it were that long ago it probably wouldn’t count for too much. We generally judge announcements on the merit of the activity rather than the merit of the host. For instance, we promote pro streams as well as DDK streams. If your review holds intrinsic value and it’s obvious the community would likely want to be alerted to it, your distant history is likely not to have any impact on that at all…

Frankly, I wouldn’t even look at your history before making the decision. All the undesirables are so well known, we wouldn’t need to look at their history… I am vaguely aware that sometime in the past you were somewhat adversarial (just my impression, I don’t actually know your history first hand and haven’t looked at the details) but certainly in recent history you have been a plus to the community so that would definitely outweigh any youthful transgressions.


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