Feature Request - Stone Images

You can find lots of good icons on https://emojipedia.org/

It apparently doesn’t work to reference those images directly, but pasting into a forum post and referencing those works:

image image image

EDIT: in case you are having trouble getting the images to appear especially on mobile, append a ? to the URLs to force a reload. Maybe this is only a problem with forum images?


its not about hardcore difficulty, background image may include alternative to grid-lines, and grid-lines would disrupt the design, just like last move indicator ruins face of cat


I think gennan was meaning “challenging for the players” … a game where the only thing that you can see is the “last move indicator”, because the stones are transparent but the last move indicator is not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I just tried to use mono-color 100x100 squares to test idea of how groups of stones will look when border between stones is not seen. But, it is seen, there is distance between the stones.


It is bug. Terraria style is not possible.


update: it works with some window sizes and doesn’t work with other window sizes


Wasn’t it intentional? I personally like to see small gap between stones played instead of them outright sticking and colliding together.

Or maybe you’re just trolling again and I didn’t get it.

if you need gap, you can upload image with transparent border around or use circle instead of square
but something like that requires no gap:


Good one :troll:.

I need someone to make a meme I can repost at moments like these.

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Actually, I do think it’s “unfortunate” that the behaviour is not the same at all resolutions, but on the other hand that’s scaling for you. The tradeoff would be to scale a little bit more, which would compromise how many pixels you have for your stone image (and ensure terraria doesn’t work) or scale a bit less and end up with stones touching each other in an ugly way, I think.

P.S. 🦴

Provide a preference to control the "last move opacity". by GreenAsJade · Pull Request #2534 · online-go/online-go.com · GitHub


Promoting my stuff.

(use direct link to the image, not link to the site itself)

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The ability to customize the last move indicator would also be helpful for blindfold Go, where currently Black and White are reversed in one’s mind due to the color of the last move indicator.

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Hmm. When you use custom stones you can change color of the indicator.

Using same image for both stones and changing last move indicator to same color theoretically solves your problem. You also could in theory make move indicator white for both white stones to make it extra challenging :slight_smile: .

It might be useful to know that colors for last move indicator are reversed.


I didn’t realize you could already do this! Cool!

Would you mind if I used these on Tsumego Dragon? These look awesome!

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I will also post this here for future views.

First off, big thanks to the team for allowing this feature!

This guide is to walk users through using images unlocked on Tsumego Dragon on OGS. These links can come from any source however.

To get started, all you have to do is hover your mouse over your username in the top right corner.

Capture 7

A dropdown window will appear.
Capture 4

At the bottom of this dropdown there is a toggle for customizing stones. Turn it on.
Capture 5

This is the section the place you can customize the goban to your liking.
Capture 8

In this first section is the goban. The input field is for an img url. This does support png transparent backgrounds. The second box, the left brown color, is the color of the goban. If your image completely covers the goban then you don’t need to touch this. The black color box is the line color. For either color you can click to open up the color picker window.
Capture 9

The second row is the second move, or the white stone. The color box will change the stones color. The input will also take in an img url.
Capture 10

Finally, the same with the first move, or black stone.
Capture 11

Now on to Tsumego Dragon. Once you are logged in you will need to go to your profile.

You can find the link to the profile at the top of the page.
Capture 13

On the left side of the page you will see a sub menu.

Click the OGS tab.
Capture 15

This will open the OGS settings. From here you can copy all of the images for your convivence.

The first two will copy the hex codes of the color. Simple click the copy icon.
Capture 17
Capture 18

Back on OGS you can click the color boxes to input the hex codes. Some browsers have a bug where the color picker will not allow pasting. If this is the case just paste the hex code somewhere else and manually type it in.
Capture 9
Capture 23

At the bottom of the color picker you will find a dropdown. Click this until it shows the hex code. Then input the hex code from Tsumego Dragon.
====>Capture 24

For the stones it is even easier. Click the copy icon for each stone and then navigate back to OGS.
Capture 20
Capture 21

And paste them into the input fields.
Capture 10
Capture 11

The last step is to simply click the custom field buttons. (The squares) Do this for the board and both stones.
Capture 25

Now your Goban will have the new graphics.

For a bonus, you can set your profile picture to your current dragon selection. Just click the download icon to download your profile image.
Capture 22

Back on OGS, hover the top right again.
Capture 4
Click profile
Capture 27

On your profile, under your profile image, click the Edit button.
Capture 28

Click the image to upload the image you downloaded from Tsumego Dragon
Capture 29
Once done click the save button.
Capture 30



P.S. I would love to see people’s Goban! Regardless of source~

Dang - what a find! :sweat_smile:

I hadn’t realised it would work like that, though it’s obvious in retrospect.

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You could even set that colour to “transparent” and totally hide the last move indicator, I suspect.

Huh - and I just finished implementing “last move indicator opacity” preference :joy:


Don’t worry, no one will notice when there is a duplicated feature somewhere in here:



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You missed the cookie storage selector :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Honestly i did remember, just laziness from my side to redo.