Feature Suggestion(s): reordering one's ongoing correspondence games - and more

Hello, a few Feature Suggestions, categorized by page:

1- On the Home / overview / list of ongoing games page

A little bit in the spirit of Sort games by rating or Feature addition : possibility to "star" one's games? - but for the main home page, where one’s ongoing Correspondence games are listed. It could be nice to have the ability to sort according to the user’s preference, not by date or whatever other automatic criteria.

Technically, I am not sure if it could be enough to add something like jQuery’s draggable and to implement a drag and drop reordering, but I bet adding a bit of flexibility could be liked by users.

2- Chatroom

Ability to collapse user list

I appreciate having the information of who is connected to a chat channel, but not always. Sometimes a cleaner screen is nicer to have - would it be possible to add an on/off toggle?

3- Gamification of the user experience (maybe for beginners)

Other board gaming sites have all those nice popups and celebratory messages after completing a game, or winning 5 / 10 games played, or after a really good winstreak, or discovering features about the site. Any little milestones that can make it enjoyable to get more rewards.
(I already posted a bit about this, with some more detail, on the thread Features everyone secretly want on OGS but will never be implemented - #152 by ronin3)

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2- I agree

3- I agree with some kind of brainstorming. That would become something a bit unique between go servers and could bring some charm.

1- There were a lot of discussion in the forum, with different opinion on the home page, sorting the games…
My own suggestion is a customizable home page (full options in the global settings pages) with a minimalistic default setting.

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As in “Woo hoo! You’ve lost! Congratulations! Only [99] losses remaining!”?


On DGS, you can set a “priority” for each game. This is just a text box where you type an integer number on the game information page. Games have this field unset by default. Then you can sort games by priority - games with this field unset go at the end. Seems like a fairly simple addition and one that I would like to see so :+1: from me :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE: I have since found out that you can also set negative integers and they are sorted after games with no priority (i.e. unset = 0). I find this pretty useful.


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