Game with no timelimits timed out

Hello, my game timed out:

It had no time limit. :frowning:

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Legalize what?! Oh my… :frowning: :no_mouth:

Just kidding… :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe games end after some very long time, how long you didn’t play? Anyway, looks like a bug to me…

If no one moves for (30 days iirc?) it’ll time it out

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but then there is a forced timelimit on the site,… (which, i guess is reasonable)
but the option “no timelimit” should be removed and replaced by a 30days/move one…


I was wondering if this also applies to games that are on vacation?

My game with no limit time was ended by time.

This game was specially made with no limit to prevfent it’s ending even if one of players don’t move eg 1/2 of a year, or even a whole year.

So please cancel it’s ending.

Ending such games after 1 month inactivity is like making maximum limit time to 1 month - it’s not equal to “no limit”!

If it have to be standard on OGS - make it in time limits when setting time in new games - no “no limit”, but time - 1 month maximum.


I also had some games recently that had no time limit, but were ended because of Time Out. Would be great when this bug could be fixed!

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That’s not really “no time limit” then, is it? Also, why? I also won a game that had no time-limit, on timeout. My opponent and I chose “no time limit” because we both knew that he would be away for several weeks and unable to play for a while. It seems like a perfectly reasonable use-case, to me.


I second that. When it says “No time limit”, there should be no time limit. Otherways, dub it different. I also have a game ended which was played with good reasons without a limit.


Opened a request at uservoice. Come join me :slight_smile: