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New vid by Eunkyo Do is out - I think this one might be particulary interesting to high-sdks and dans, as it deals with one of the most complicated josekis around. It also shows several simpler options with follow-ups, and how to use an attachment against the pincer stone to overconcentrate the opponent. :+1:t3:

Edit: 444. Nice ^^


i was pretty happy when my opponent pincered with the exact same move the above vid is about ( I am white)

I didnt get to play much of the variations tho. The game was pretty short.XD (white got the ladder)

Funny and interesting video about โ€œAI expertโ€ pro game, in English

Some highlights of blackโ€™s uncharacteristic (for a Japanese pro at least) killing strategy:

Eventually it does come down to a struggle for white to make 2 eyes.

Here it seems that both players missed that white could still live in this position:
White played A, which was the losing move, but the AI review reveals that white could have lived with B.


They are really popping off with their channel, great study material!!

The position on the east is a contemporary side joseki, it was also played in a game between Mi Yuting vs Yang Dingxin in Avril. ^^

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Counting 364-move game


Completely free Female Kisei Title Match broadcast. NHK-style time control so you donโ€™t fall asleep watching the game.


Thanks mate, we were looking for this stream!!!

Is this game available on ogs?

Hey, blankets!!! :smile:


Yoshida pointed out a cool move.

Black can play 1 because white canโ€™t afford to take it since white group there will die. Though just taking there works the same I guess?

Nakamura Sumire has a cute footrest.

Average Japanese go fan.

Looks like catholic church? With pipe organ.


Yes. Not only, the architecture and very high ceiling, the banks for the public, the windows and some of the decorations


It saddens me to say, the Korean baduk broadcasters intergame ads reflect that too - most of the time itโ€™s wigs, bone supplements, and other stuff for senior citizens. :crying_cat_face: Would love to see young people getting into go/baduk/weiqi again too, in all the big go nations, and abroad!!

(Edit: nothing against those ads per se! I would probably be happy to see some of this stuff when I reach the old fox-stage myself ^^)

Oh, and this was the very first time I have seen a competition take place in a church!! And Nakamura is so darn young! The cute footrest just highlights how young she actually is. Doesnโ€™t even reach the floor yet when sitting on an adults chair! UwU UwU UwU UwU

Quick, watch before they hid it

White player (Yuki Satoshi) is scary. The way he plays has โ€œprofessional blitz playerโ€ feel to it.

On 20:11 unforgivable act of pressing the clock with wrong hand.


Have we done this one?

Comment highlights:


Next time Iโ€™m only reading 11 moves deep Iโ€™ll be ashamed (more deeply than my reading).


I posted it here somewhere but hereโ€™s a repost, wouldnโ€™t hurt.


Thanks a lot, whereever you posted it before I missed it XD - I am a fan of Ueno Asami and I recognize Ohashi from the Nihon Kiin Go fo Overseas channel (his lecture was posted just two weeks ago Go videos - #473 by gennan) - looking forward to watch it!!

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Plays black hole

Veteran battle

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