Guess rank game


Well then. ^^ You can check my reasoning ^ above now. May the best guess win! :slight_smile:


Yep. At move 58 black failed to see that E6 is deadish. Plus they didn’t see that B13 atari doesn’t work. They could’ve played a move that makes it work in sente or just leave it, but in game we see typical “atari, atari, oh I guess it doesn’t work”. And after that Black basically forced white to fix and save their group. Also in top-right it was all suspicious.


The black player reminds me of myself … move 115 looks nice(I usually play the wrong move back then until someone suggested this in review) I think the players just tried to play creative instead of following the joseki and their move does make some sense so that’s why I think it’s a SDK player. I’m not sure how the 2 hour is spent because I feel like there are some time suji move such as 63, maybe they were also chatting?

I would say 8k(for black… or a 3k on a bad day if they didn’t actually spend their 2 hours only on the game itself).


So this time I’ll assume players are trying their best, and big mistakes towards the end are due to byo-yomi.
I don’t see them as dan players. Allowing the F2-E3 exchange is bad for black, allowing black G2 is bad for white. Both players are missing opportunities on the left hand side. etc. White should have answered O18 and black should have killed the corner, H16 instead of H17 is just asking for trouble.
The shapes seem too light for DDKs, and too loose for dans.
I’d say 5 kyu.


I’m curious how would you describe black’s play since I feel like it’s very similar to my own especially when I feel a bit desperate in a game (I’m 3k) and I can resonant a bit with some of the move choices and what would be your suggestion to black to get better?


Maybe 11 kyu. They know basics but I can’t see a good reading.


I am surprised that you are shocked. If we who guess dan level are wrong, then it is not at all surprising that you, who are so much stronger, should have superior insights. I conclude that you must be easily shocked, or that you are practicing your thespian skills by imitating Claude Rains.


You raise a valid point; I have altered my previous post accordingly.


1 week seems fine to me. Those that don’t actively follow the thread will have time to check back and enough new guys can hop on. 3-4 days is of course even better but that means more work for you, or if you pass it around, more cooperation and potential delays.

@AdamR my guess is 10k


Friends, your guesses were:

StephenC20XX - 13k
Smurph - 10k
S_Alexander - 9k
Strawberrycake - 14k
Bugcat - 2d
Conrad_melville - 3d
Bhydden - 1d
Spatula - 8k
SanDiego - 5k
Karmalia - 11k
Hiryuu - 10k

Thanks for all your guesses and interesting commentaries! :slight_smile:

THE ANSWER IS 10k Winner: Smurph & Hiryuu, congratz :slight_smile:

The original game:


Funny how everyone was either very close or very very far off :smiley:

Thanks Adam


Picking OSR game is a nice way to get a game where both players try to win seriously. And probably we can let them in on our little game, since they both know English and want to improve. Don’t you think, Adam?

Funny, Black were afraid of the snapback which wasn’t even snapback. And even if it were a snapback, they didn’t fix correctly.

This game was conventional enough for strong players to see through it.

Edit: One more thing. As you can see, most of the answers come in in first 24 hours or so, so I doubt longer round would do anything.


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Hey, hey, hey, let’s not forget our little game. Now I chose the game pretty much randomly among games between equally ranked players and that lasted more than 100 moves. Game took 55 minutes, so players thought about their moves.

Round three!




The players correctly follow joseki for many moves in the upper left corner, suggesting at least a low SDK rank. On the other hand, isn’t Q3 inferior to R4 because it gives W the long side? Even more important, it seems that W handles the lower left fight very badly, and the LMN area near the top seems badly handled by B. Finally, the general lack of tenuki makes me think these players are weaker than one might at first suppose. I’m going to guess 5k by players who have done some serious joseki study.


Despite some big blunders, they played reasonably well. I’ll let you guys guess the ranks for now, but I’ll say that N16 spoiled a good game for black. Surprisingly bad move, compared to how the rest of the game was played.


This looks like a game I would play except for a couple tesuji and the avalanche. I’d say 4-5k.


hmmmm, comfortable with double hane, capable of sacrifices, yet calm in some moves, and appareantly very aware of potential kos… My guess would be they are above my level, and I am going to go as far to say almost dan.

I am guessing 1k.


Well above my level, I think 2k.