Guess rank game


Well, they play a large avalanche, and that’s still not played at my level (4 – 5k.) But their play is poor in the bottom left, and I don’t think that they are stronger than I am. So I’ll guess 4k.

Personally I only know this variation of the large avalanche (and that not fully): image

so I couldn’t say whether or not they play their variation correctly.


My guess is 7k. I think I’ve faced several OGS 4k’s that played much better …


I’ll say it was a 12 kyu correspondence game. Consulting joseki dictionaries is permitted in correspondence games and apart from the avalanche the rest of the game feels very DDK.
Edit. Whoops forgot the game took 55 minutes, even so I’ll keep my same guess and reasoning.


You could play a correspondence game in 55 minutes :smiley:


true… i hadn’t thought of that haha


They are worse than 5k for sure (they usually follow things that are happening around the area instead of playing big moves. Not to mention the lower right - you rarely ignore that pincer) - I would say 7k .


And the k16 tesuji (m290)? Playing there without actually capturing the black stones… That’s some dan magic :wink:


Three days passed, and one day since last reply, probably it’s time to reveal the answer.
Your guesses are:

They basically covered strong SDK range completely.


Hell, you guys and gals are savages, you just roasted two very good players.
The answer is 1d
Either you need to lower your standards or OGS needs to change ranking system :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess closest one was AdamR, not bullseye, but good enough. So, congrats!


Chalk it up to the ever present notion of Dan magic. They could be professionals and we’d still probably say 1 kyu lol


Eh, I have a 3D friend who I swear has the strategy of a 15k.

But he’s really good at reading so :man_shrugging:


BTW, I appreciated the notification—nice idea.


Hello, good people of OGS. I finally have time to choose another game, how about one more round of guessing?

Tried to make sure that these aren’t streamers or anyone famous, so should be just a regular run-of-the-mill OGS game. Both players have the same rank. Lasted 1 hour 25 minutes, it seems. Features ko fight and life and death!

So, how strong are these players? What rank would you assign? Make your bets!

Edit: for anyone who is new, in short this is a forum game where we try to guess players’ rank just from how they played in the game in question, results can be surprising!


3 kyu I think, if they are of the same rank.white played one weird move in the opening.


I’d say these players are 6 kyu. Some shape moves combined with very strange ones.


For strategic reasons, I guess they are 2 kyu


Why are the time controls concealed? I find this game baffling because W plays so much weaker than B. W is destroyed in the opening and should have resigned much sooner. Based on the elapsed time you told us, the rate is 25.8 seconds per move including any maintime that may have existed. So this is a pretty fast game. Therefore, assuming their equal ranks are valid, I deduce that W is much weaker at fast play. Consequently, I cannot guess their rank.


Blacks invasion into the top left was impressive. White also showed some skills in leaning attacks and some tesuji in the end, although he might have lost his concentration. I would say 5k, about the same as me.


The way the ko has finished was so dissapointing. For that dissapointment I’ll say it cant be an SDK, can it? My bet is 11k. :wink:


Edit: I don’t know what I was thinking, after looking at the game again they seem weaker than me…