Horrendous Website

Serious dev team, this website is horrible. This webpage looks like it was designed in 2009. We need a website that looks good and feels good. A GOOD example of a website is chess.com, where its clean and pleasant to the eye. This entire website is an eye sore.

Why cant we have nice things?

Another thing guys, they should have longer time controls than 4 hours, i shouldnt have to be glued to a go game to finish it out. I mean its just absurd that the developers on this site havent made a cleaner site.

The website is open to changes at GitHub - online-go/online-go.com: Source code for the Online-Go.com web interface. If you can come up with good suggestions, maybe someone with web development skills will implement them (that someone might even be yourself).

Correspondence games have longer time settings. If you want really long live games (a whole day?), there are good options for that too. I’m happy to help come up with something acceptable.


It’s possible to have correspondence games with time limits on the order of days/weeks.

I think that design and layout are a bit subjective. Do you have more specific suggestions about how to improve the interface?

I find it odd that you bring up chess.com (anyways, I think that lichess.org is better than that). Maybe you are trolling us a bit?


Alright, point taken with lichness.org being a better website, touche. This website however is really outdated however. I love GO, but this website is really something from 2009. We need a major overhaul that is more efficient and user friendly in general. Come on now, you know im right.

You think that you will build (and motivate people for) a full revamp of the site with so unclear feeling?
At least give us some precise suggestions.


While I do think that nearly any website could be improved with careful design consideration, I think it is tricky to move in the right direction without discussing some specific thoughts. It’s not very productive to vaguely say that something should be better.

Is there any particular feature or design aspect from chess.com or lichess.org that you wish were adopted by OGS?

Does OGS look outdated?
  • Yes
  • No

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You’re telling me I can’t just say it’s horrendous??


Alright, fair is fair. Ill come up with a list give me a day.


fair, is fair. Ill come up w a list.

You may have a look on some threads we have already, there is one that has a lot of suggestions even very crazy ones. And if you aim to changes, convincing is a very important side to not forget.

So i would say for example use of screenshots and photoshop before/after, links to older threads, and so on.


Gosh, I guess we forgot to MAKE IT POP : (


lol ok ok fair enough. But if you look at chess.com, they have a clean user friendly crisp website, with a great mobile app, videos, the entire works. Am i wrong? Cant you see the difference? Im not being a douche but the site is very buggy. Should i of come at this differently, and provided clear facts? perhaps…but the fact remains the site needs work. Im saying this from a point of love for the game.

Am i a go, or even a chess master? by no means not.

The poll needs another option: Who cares? I’m outdated, so maybe I prefer an outdated look, whatever that is.

Good English is also outdated, so maybe the whole site should be in Leet, or whatever the latest newspeak fad is.


Did you check the one we have? It’s keeping being uptodate.


Well, I guess that’s my point - I can’t really see the difference.

I am not a web-designer, so I am not up on the latest / greatest styling cues. When I looked at the chess and lichess websites, my eyes mainly jumped around to see if the sites had similar functionality to OGS, and I couldn’t see any glaring differences.

This is probably why so many people in this thread are asking you for specific examples. Is it that the OGS icons are too small? not sleek enough? Is it that the functionality you’re looking for is stashed in sub-menus rather than on the front page?

Just saying “I do not like X” is just not very informative in this case - neither is relying on the eye of the beholder to pick out the details that rub you wrong, since we’ve obviously gotten used to them and now see them as normal / aesthetically pleasing.

Like people have been saying above - if you want to take the time and show some comparison / contrast examples of how one site’s layout is preferable to another, that might change some minds, but yeah, I guess I’m just not seeing the huge contrast in style / substance that you’re referring to…

My 2 cents, your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, some cars not for use with some sets


fair, give me a day or two.

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Also, by the way


I’d like to note that …

  1. There are TWO mobile apps (one for iOS and one for Android), and

  2. both these are NOT by OGS but by third-party developers, i.e. OGS is not responsible for them.

That said, I’d like to add that both @MrAlex (for the Android app) and @HongAnhKhoa (for the iOS app) are able, friendly, and responsive developers.