How do you all keep track of what is happening in the world of go?

I feel like I know very little about the professional world of go, and even less when it comes to major amateur events.

What are the resources/websites you all use to stay updated? Additional, is there a good resource for learning more about the major national and international competitions and players?

Is there a way you wish you could get better information about go?


A lot of the news is in Chinese, Korean, or Japanese… So being able to read one or those helps a lot


We don’t.

Like, majority of go players couldn’t care less.

If someone does wanna follow news carefully they mostly use those national sources. Like for Japanese professional go that would be twitter.

Some go federation have magazines or websites with news. AGA, EGF, FFG, DGOB, BGA ,…

Goworld was the main source before but i think they don’t publish anymore.

In chinese you have a biweekly 围棋天地 (weiqi tiandi)

棋艺 (qi yi, the art of chess) another magazine, not sure still exists

I guess there is something similar in korean or


There are news resources on this forum, for example:


This website has information on tournaments. Not very user-friendly however.

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People interested on fresh CJK news follow them on go servers (rarely in english) like Yke, pandanet…
Sure we miss some regular news in english with games, commentaries, pros lives, that sort of things. Something to fill the gap left by Goworld ending.

Googled “international weiqi tournament”.
Here are some results:

All in English!

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I believe they still do it every Monday on twitch. (Actually maybe it’s every two weeks?)

I think some of the most recent streams can be rewatched on twitch.

I don’t think all the videos go to YouTube though (

Sensei is more an archive as a news service. Nothing fresh there. Besides tournaments are mostly just results reports. No commentaries, new fashion in opening…

I know. The point I wanted to make was that if you google “international weiqi tournament” you find some links (more than I showed). In those links the OP will probably find some other links and by clicking the OP will build some sort of a network with relevant info.

And if OP would decide to share his info in an International Weiqi Tournaments & Professional Weiqi Players - topic that would be a very nice gesture.

The place we use to share exists already


사이버오로 for mainly the news of the korean scene or the korean player focus in international tournaments
围棋新闻_新浪竞技风暴_新浪网 for general news with a slight focus towards the chinese scene
囲碁 - 産経ニュース for general news and the japanese scene for the european go news

But for all intents and purposes just following tournaments and tournament results through Go4Go or some other hosting is more than enough for me.


I mainly use Life in 19x19 (L19), specifically the Professionals board.

I strongly disagree with @jlt that Go to Everyone! is not user friendly. I find it very easy to use.

A combination of GTE for comprehensive and detailed results, L19 for themed presentation, and the AGA-EJ for roundups provides the most solid footing one can get through free, English language resources after the death of GoGameGuru.


I think I’d rank the speed of free, English-accessible news resources, from fastest to slowest, as follows:

  • live Michael Redmond commentaries of the actual events
  • Oriental (especially Japanese) language Twitter with a translation program
  • Go to Everyone! ~= Life in 19x19
  • AGA-EJ ~= Sensei’s Library ~= Wikipedia
  • BGJ, because the most recent four quarterly editions are paywalled (but if you’re a BGA member you even get them free)

A note about Wikipedia: a lot of information is not on the English Wikipedia, but is on the Zh., Ja. and Ko. ones. They’re probably faster as well. Again, one would need to use a translation program.


Thank you for all the great responses, everyone!

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Here’s the news video from todays stream

Looks like it covers

  • Nongshim cup
  • A bit of the Ichiriki Ryo vs Shin Jinseo game from Nongshim cup
  • A bit about Ichiriki Ryo vs Iyama Yuta game in the Kisei
  • Finals of the first KBA championship
  • A team game/ win and continue format between Europe student/youth vs Fudan University
  • Pandanet European Team championships

They also do some Tsumego competition and show some solutions.

It was presented by Stanislaw Frejlak 1p this week, although it can be different on different weeks I believe.