How to undo the results of game if AI mistaken?

I have some problems. I have won this game but AI aftermath calculated a different score :frowning: and it didn’t recognize my eyes at the bottom and decided that all my stones are dead.

Do you know it’s possible to recalculate the match result?

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Are you sure it was the scoring algorithm, and not you or your opponent who marked the group dead?


But still, the result is wrong and it is a ranked game, so I guess it would make sense to have it annulled.


Do you know how to do it? I think that the annulation is not so fair here

I don’t know. I just pressed “confirm” and the sthng went wrong)

Well as usual annulation is the best a moderator can do.
My guess is the bottom group was marked dead by one of the two players or by the score calculator (doubtful but who knows).

Anyway it’s crucial to check before confirmation.

If you desagree use the call a moderator button instead of confirming.



No need to report. I’ll look into it. Normally the best way is the ‘Call moderator’ option on the game page. For more info see: Reporting: A guide to making good use of the ‘Call moderator’ and ‘Report’ functions


As a quick question to @Kosh , I have a vague memory before the recent rating update, because of the sliding window, the best one could do with an incorrect result was annul the game as @groin mentions. Since we were supposed to have gotten rid of that, I thought I remembered somebody suggesting one could change the result to wins now, although I can’t seem to find that (if it exists). That said I do believe I’ve seen some games marked as “Black wins by moderator decision” etc.

Is this a thing?

This was and is correct. While it may not seem ideal it does at least put the onus on users to ensure they are accepting a correct result.

After either party makes adjustments there is a pause that prevents users from immediately accepting so in theory you can’t be tricked into accepting the wrong result with a last minute change by your opponent.

This is all general and not specific to this case which I won’t elaborate on, on principle.


This is us calling games that have not yet been finalised.