I hate tournaments

I’m probably going to stop participating in tournaments as well.
But my problem is that I’ll join a tournament, finish a round, get bored, join another tournament, forget I’m still playing one, repeat. Then, out of nowhere, several tournaments start a new round at the same time, and I’ll have far more correspondence games than what I can keep up with. :sweat_smile:

I’ll just stick with the 19x19 ladder, at least there I can only have 6 games max.


For the same reasons I also quit doing correspondence tournaments. Gave me a lot of rest and less irritation.
I switched to the automatic sitewide tournaments, especially the 9x9 and 13x13 format.
These AST’s don’t last long. Usually done within 60 minutes.
Well, maybe this works for you too :slight_smile:


Because it results in each one of those 100 games being played very slowly, to the detriment of the other player in each of them.

Of course, clearly all those other players agreed to the time setting, but somehow that is cold comfort…


This is why I usually stick to round robin tournaments where it’s all done in one round.


I have exactly the same problem. Either I have far too many ongoing games, or too few.
But I still like tournaments and won’t stop participating, even though I keep making the same mistake… :grin: :sweat_smile:


Is it?

We are talking about correspondence games. They are usually slow.
I can’t see why having 1 or 100 games could imply fast or slow correspondence.
Sofia had more than 1000 contemporary correspondence games and for sure they weren’t that slow.

People dragging tournaments isn’t necessarily people with many games.
It’s unrelated.


I’ve played quite some live tournaments this year, really enjoy them, even the European one that I had to play early morning. So essentially it is not tournaments, but correspondence games I dislike.

I hate correspondence games. :smile:


Well… I do. When you have limited time and energy to play, and you don’t simply want to play the first move that comes to mind, it already makes a different if you have 10 ongoing games or 50. Having 50 games means (in my case) that I am not able to play one move in each of these games on each day.

But Sofia is exceptional. :flushed:
And, as she wrote somewhere herself, she doesn’t think long before making a move, which is why her OGS account is only around 5 to 6k, while she is actually something like 1k or so when playing at her best.
(A while ago, I even won a game against her, even though she is clearly stronger than me.)


Look at this 2nd 3kyu to 3D tournament, why create the 2nd when the 1st did not finish yet? And the RD is disqualified. lol

I hate people.

I have recently started to withdraw from correspondence games too. I find the long term commitment is too much. I might have time for 20 simultaneous games this week but next week… or next month… I was in 4 correspondence ladders (1 on OGS, 3 on DGS) plus I had a handful of non-tournament correspondence games with friends / randoms - once my current ladder challenges are over I will exit the ladders and once the extra correspondence games are over too I’m taking a break from correspondence all together. Then I will have more time for what I really want to do with my limited Go time - tsumego, books, and live games :sunglasses:


That is a rather strong sentiment.
Okay if I interpret it as that you do dislike some players who f*@k up a tournament?

No, before you get me banned, this is purely a joke. You don’t go on a forum to tell everyone you hate them even if that’s your true belief

ah, you edited your post :slight_smile:

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Yes, of course.
But there are people who can play 50 games on a fast pace and people who struggle playing 10 games at a time.

I just wanted to point out that people are different and some of them like to have hundreds of games and that doesn’t mean that they are playing slowly.

On the other hand, you could without any doubt find some players with just a handful of games using all their time to make a move.

Number of games and speed aren’t related.

They are related.

This is my experience: when I look at the number of games my correpondence has there is almost always a correlation with how long they are taking.

This doesn’t mean that some people are not able to play a ton of correspondence games quickly.

Buit as an experience, I find that there are people who play another move in one of their few games - quickly progressing those - and there are people who play move in the next game in their huge list. If you are at the bottom of that list, you wait. In general.

This is why I check the number of games a person has before challenging them in a ladder, for example.

I just realised that this is why it matters - tournies and ladders, where you don’t get to chose the time setting.

In general play, the answer to this complaint would be “choose the time setting that suits you”.

In ladders, you have no choice. In tournies, you have at best a difficult choice: either don’t participate, or play with the slow people at the minimum speed of the tourney game setting


Yep, I have also experienced when people are losing, they put it as low priority list and play minimum move to survive. I wonder why, and refuse to let my temper out to cause a loss for myself, lol

And when I say losing, it’s not mid game 30% winrate …


@Kosh would you be able to help mark the first three tournaments complete please? I’ve contacted the hosts who just don’t respond or take action.

All the tournaments have ongoing games with no good reason for a mod to intervene. It is beyond my powers to remove them from your home/profile page while they continue.

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Thanks! I don’t really know how to read the status of the tournament, though the RD of the 1st 3kyu to 3 Dan mentioned in the tournament chat that it is done.

If not, it is fine. That’s the most hanging around my page anyway.