If You're new to Go, check this website, (It's in 32 Languages)

For beginners only: If this url helped you out make sure to say so :slight_smile: I found this website helpful when I first started go too. http://playgo.to/iwtg/en/


I think this link is present in “lean to play go” after tutorial. I wonder if we could expand “learn to play go” page. Put there links to sensei library and other famous go resources, so it would be OGS approved list of learning materials. “81 Little Lions” and “Shape Up” and such.

If there is one option almost everyone will follow it. If there are many most people won’t go down any of them. There are many lists of beginner resources online but I think iwtg is the absolute best ‘next step’ after the OGS tutorial.

Turns out I’m an idiot anyway, because we have “Other go resources” page with lots of links.


No “idiot”, just not having the complete overview of the OGS site :wink: Hardly somebody has that, as it has been growing quickly.

I’ll add a few links below and then close this thread, thanks :heart: to all contributors!

Other Go Resources

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