What is the deal with people not even saying, “Hello” in any language. I am on other servers (KGS, Tygem) and it is just standard. Here, you get nothing. It is as if people think they are playing a bot. It is weird. I mean really weird. The sad thing is I doubt anyone who would respond to this would be one of the “rude” Bot like players.

I have also noticed that a lot. You do get some friendly opponents, but most do just treat you like a bot (at least at my rank anyway). Although I will say that not getting a greeting doesn’t bother me nearly as much as getting ignored when thanking them at the end of the game. That just seems overly rude.

Keep in mind that a large number of people play here from mobile devices, and it’s generally impossible to play and talk at the same time. Sure you could make an argument that it’d be nice if they stuck around after the game for a chat, but this behaviour is self feeding… nobody sticks around to talk because they assume their opponent isn’t going to stick around to talk, and so most people just continue onto their next game.


This is 100% BS. I played on a mobile device and had ZERO problems tying hello. Don’t make excuses for people

Well, in your case, nobody is replying to you because you have a chat ban in place, so nobody can see your messages (apart from the mod team)

…so, from their perspective, you’re the rude one who isn’t talking


Language is another excuse. I have been greeted in many different languages. This is an excuse, not a reasons.
Many players have 100+ and some cases 1000+ games. Again this is a strange excuse you are cooking up.
Plus, I have message people via messaging and they still do not say a word. Yes, people who claim to be American as well. Anther oddity is people in gold not talking. You are paying for a site and you are not even showing basic courtesy. That’s just weird!!!

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I assume you didn’t bother to read the link above or are just simply looking for an argument. Either way, here’s my argument:


All very good points. I do try to make a point of saying thank you before the game ends so that they will see it, but again not the worst thing in the world if they don’t reply. Just a bit annoying. Sometimes it would be nice to ask them about a certain move they played or whatever and feels weird to send them a direct message after they leave.

At any rate, it’s not worth getting completely bent out of shape over.


Some people feel VERY differently…

I don’t have a chat ban. If I did, then I think, 1, I would have been told, 2, polite players would not be responding to me.

It just another excuse, but this time, you doing an end around the issue by bringing up an irrelevant “purpose.”

I beg to differ.

Indeed, you should have been. In some cases this slips through the cracks, your chat privileges were removed in July for abuse.

I believe (though I’m not certain) that even if you’re chat banned, players who have added you as a friend can still see your messages.

Is it really standard on tygem? I thought on Asian servers you generally get silence, at least on fox you do. Expect on panda you get automated messages.

If you want to chat:
If you want to play Go:

Some people are only here for the latter, don’t take it personally.


This topic comes up from time to time, let’s get it in writing.

I have added this at the documentation:

OGS offers chat alongside games for the purpose of polite and enjoyable conversation between willing participants.

Nobody is obliged to chat. At all. Some people feel it is an imposition to do so, they would prefer to play in silence. This is fine.

The ability to chat on OGS is a privilege. If you abuse it, typically by abusing your opponent, you will lose that privilege. You will not necessarily be told about this. We (OGS Moderators) have no obligation whatsoever to tell you about this. Typically people who are abusive to their opponents are abusive to moderators, we don’t need that. If you have been particularly abusive, you will not be told, you will just be silenced. Be nice.

I find it curious that often those who complain about someone “being impolite” are the rudest amongst us.

The OP in this case is no exception. His rude statements are on public record. What a strange interpretation of politeness.


the thief is most afraid of being stolen from.


July? It is October. I have no communication with any moderator. A ban is useless if the person in question is unaware of it. BTW, you do realize this is red herring since I still do not receive a hello regardless if I respond or not. Ans, no I have chatted with non-friends.

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Further discussion of the specific case should be taken offline. This can be by PM to a Moderator, or email to

This has been a useful thread to clarify exactly what the policy is and how it works.

And of course, the moderator panel is always open to input about changing policy/practice for the better, through discussion here.


I make it a point to always greet my opponent with this when I join a match, as well as upon completion:

Hello. I hope you have a wonderful game. I look forward to this match ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)

Well Played. I had a great time. Thank you for the experience v(=∩_∩=)フ

It is pretty uncommon that they do not respond. I know that this is frustrating and if I could choose, everyone would be racing to genuinely greet one another. In a growing digital world, basic social skills, kindness towards strangers, and general mingling behavior is declining.

Some of my favorite quotes fit perfectly with this topic. I have them printed and hung on the wall in my home.

  • “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Arthur C. Clarke

  • "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein

  • “The problem today is not the vitriolic words and the evil actions of the bad people. Its the appalling silence and inaction of the good people.” – Martin Luther King

As one who obviously cares, I recommend that you take a stance against the dying of the light. Be the first person to offer that hello. Slowly but surely you will affect others and hopefully many opponents will learn from your example, paying it forward in future matches.

I recently was talking to a friend about the importance of bravery. He wondered if I thought it was important and what it looked like in the modern age. This was my response:

Bravery is an easy concept to identify in certain situations, like being a hero on a battlefield, or by becoming a martyr for a noble cause. But how can everyday people, living rather mundane and quiet lives, manifest bravery? I believe they can do so through simple actions.

By making compromises, so that everyone involved has a chance to be happy. By giving up their time to help others, especially when they desire strongly to spend that time elsewhere. By making choices that benefit others and showing care for the feelings of others. By investing emotionally in the people around them, taking the time to listen to their thoughts and to know the truth of their hearts. By helping strangers to feel seen or to laugh, because too many people feel invisible and sad.

Small acts of kindness, giving up our precious time, helping others heal and grow, standing by a friend’s side through adversity, and teaching others the lessons you’ve learned, are all great ways to be brave in the modern world. I wish more people had the courage to be brave, in all aspects of their lives. I wish more people acted honorably, showed greater compassion, and practiced empathy more often.

I believe that all people have such a capacity for kindness, teamwork, sharing, love, and camaraderie. But for whatever reason, most people choose to be greedy, selfish, lazy, and to not take responsibility for their actions. Truly the world could be a very different place, if more people were brave <3.

We do not live in a perfect world, but each of us can make a difference :heart: