Inevitable Fuseki Improvement

White - OGS players around 10k, Black - AlphaGo or Zen6
The more moves branch has, the more popular it is.
I think this is very useful game tree for study fuseki. You will not find something like that in databases.

How I created it?

  1. Ask bot which first move is best
  2. Remember it
  3. Play it in your next game
  4. After game, use move of your opponent to ask bot about next move
  5. Remember it
  6. And so on

This is not cheating, because you don’t use bot while you are in game.
No book will tell you how to play against opponents you really play against.
All you have to remember just 1 move per game, its not hard and time consuming.
You will be able to predict more and more bot moves yourself in new situations.
You can do it on any rank if you have bot stronger than you.


Created huge 3-3 joseki database with above principle.
Black is Zenith Go 7, white is OGS SDK players:

3-3 Joseki.sgf (4.6 KB)

*there are a lot of pass moves, white 3-3 included

Are you telling me that an SDK invaded 3-3 at 2-2? Do you have the kifu?

2 Likes played it, I was shocked and lost #10985749

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Huh, interesting, thanks.

5-5 collection
White - OGS players
Black - Zenith Go 7, if move looks strange its because it generated with stones in other corners

5-5 joseki.sgf (3.5 KB)

Triangle base fuseki

result of analysis
black - kata bot
white - ogs players, usually around 4k
if branch is long, its because I guessed correctly a lot or because opponents often played that sequence

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created in 2018 - ELF bot was used to review
Black always plays 3-4 in all corners, its always possible
this is corner tree collection

black 3-4 is the first move, but it also used to attack, to see such variations pass may be needed


Tengen, then 5-6 in every corner

This is 19x19 board, sgf uses smaller size because only corner is showed
circle means there were white stones, there also was cross for black, but OGS can’t display it for some reason

(black - Katabot 40 blocks 1 playout was used to review, white - moves of my opponents)

Omg! I recognize the shape from another thread

Didn’t stone_defender post about it in Share your shapes?