🎉 Introducing GoTV 📺

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to announce a new feature on OGS: GoTV!

GoTV Overview

GoTV is your new go-to spot for live Go streams, featuring Twitch streams from the Go community. Dive into live games and watch players share their experiences.

How to Use GoTV

  1. Visit the GoTV Page: Head over to the GoTV page on OGS to see a list of live Go streams. Look for the GoTV indicator in the navbar when streams are available.
  2. Browse Streams: Filter by language, check viewer counts, and click on a stream to start watching.
  3. Join the Chat: Connect with other Go fans in the chat. You can switch between OGS chat and Twitch chat easily.
  4. Quick Access: Find the GoTV link under the Watch dropdown menu for quick access anytime.

Getting Your Stream on GoTV

If you stream Go content, here’s how to get featured on GoTV:

  • Stream in the Go category on Twitch.
  • Alternatively, you can stream in Twitch’s Board Games category. Just be sure to use tags like go, weiqi, or baduk so we can find your stream.
  • Your stream will automatically appear on GoTV, making it easy for the OGS community to watch and engage.

Upcoming Features

We’re also working on including the highest-rated ongoing live games for all three board sizes (9x9, 13x13, and 19x19). You’ll soon be able to watch some of the best games on OGS as they happen on GoTV.

Feedback and Suggestions

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Share your thoughts in this thread or drop us a message.

Thanks for being part of the OGS community and helping make it a great place to play and enjoy Go.

Happy watching and playing! :blush:


2024-06-30 Update

  • Moved language filter to GoTV preferences
  • Made language filter multi-select and persistent
  • Added quick access to preferences through gear icon in the list pane
  • Introduced StreamManager singleton class for handling stream fetches and updates more efficiently
  • Implemented workaround for Twitch API bug that intermittently drops active streams from the response
  • Additional minor bug fixes

2024-06-25 Update

  • Default to Twitch chat, but remember which chat tab was active if a user prefers to use OGS chat
  • Remember if chat pane was expanded or collapsed
  • Add GoTV Preferences to Settings menu, with:
    • Setting to hide active streams indicator
    • Setting for disabling autoplay on load
    • Setting to filter mature streams, default: filtered
  • Clicking TV indicator while on GoTV page will return user to previous location
  • Immediately show indicator on site load if streams are available, rather than waiting for next push from backend
  • Additional visual bug fixes


Nice! Any plans to support other platforms? YouTube, Kick etc. I’m not sure whether anybody streams Go on Kick but I just found out about it recently.


This is very cool! YouTube streaming support would be nice to have, so that streamers aren’t as locked in to using Twitch.


I’d love to add support for YouTube and Kick or any other platform where people are streaming Go.

The only reason I left YouTube out in this version is because I didn’t come across any Go streams any time I went to check while working on it. So I wasn’t able to determine a reliable way for the backend to find those streams. I’ll keep an eye out


Genius idea.


The function to link the account and comment directly is very nice :slight_smile: But I’m not sure where the OGS comment goes to?

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Great hope every Go lovers happy watching and share his Skill of Go game.


The OGS chat is specific to the stream page on GoTV, and the streamer won’t see the messages unless they have the GoTV page open.

It’s primarily intended as a kibitz space so that move discussions don’t influence the streamer, but it could also be a space to chat when the stream is in emote only mode.


I can see the intended effect but I would argue that having a popout option for the streamer is important.

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A solution if you will is to have someone link their account or have an option to link the live stream when they go live. IE log into youtube, twitch or kick. Or some form of account linking.

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Great idea. I like it.

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The kind of things one would have posted on the “great features that’ll never be implented” thread.

Great job

Also full support for this (excluding AI games).


This makes me extremely nervous. I think this might be nice for OGS but this could negatively impact streamer’s money.

1: Ad revenue is lowered.
2: Watching from somewhere else makes them less likely to Subscribe.
3: It’s a coin flip on whether views will go up or down and the quality of the views.
4: It could lower chat interaction. This could harm the analytics.
5: Do these views count towards affiliate? Will this help or hurt a streamer’s ability to become affiliate?
6: Some people don’t watch streams but will if a certain name is streaming or a type of stream. A recognizable name or a title of “Doing Beginner Reviews” would get some clicks. So hard to say how the numbers will be effected.
7: Raids?

Some things for OGS to consider. Have they looked into the Embedding Twitch | Twitch Developers docs? If done wrong OGS will get blocked from using Twitch embeds.

Edit: Couldn’t login to twitch chat on GoTV. Using firefox. Opera browser could though


We’re using the official twitch player, I see that ads don’t appear to be working but that’s certainly not anything we’re intentionally doing on our side, we’ll look more into why that might not be working. I suspect it’s a twitch thing as the site gets recognized as a non-scam site, but I could be wrong.

I feel like you’re stating that as fact, do you have a study showing that?


Those buttons are right there easily available just like they are when viewing through twitch’s site.

We’ll see over time, current stats on BattsGo seem to be a bit higher than the last couple of weeks if you look at the stats over time. (I’m looking at the same Monday time frame)

Let us know how things go in practice, again BattsGo chat seems to be buzzing just fine.

It’s the official way Twitch wants you to embed so I should hope so.

I presume you would title your video like this too

Let us know! Again, this is the official twitch client so I should hope it does something reasonable.


I know this isn’t proving anything, but still: I’ve blocked all streamer announcements since a long time, because they totally annoy me. I’ve watched streams today for nearly an hour (which must have doubled my all time viewing time. Might be because of the novelty of this feature, but I think I might do it occasionally again in the future it I have a bit of time to kill.


I really don’t like this change and would like to refer to a thread I started (with another account): Streamers annoying

I agree with parts of that post of yours, but I find this new feature a lot (really, massively) less intrusive compared to announcements (which I have blocked). So I see no problem at all, I can ignore it, mostly will ignore it and maybe sometimes I’ll still use it, triggered by MY wish instead of anyone’s announcement.


I don’t want to be the cockpit meme summoner (again), but is there a way to disable the notification on phone (I’d like it to be visible when on my laptop)? It’s a bit distracting.


Well it is true I indeed did this post without trying to turn off announcements first but I think my point still stands. Also did you see the TV screen icon right next to the notification bell ? That is even more I annoying I would suggest than having to turn off announcements. This belongs to another discussion but you can’t even save you preferences so you have to turn it off every time you switch/update/reinstall your browser or change device which I do lot.

Yes, as stated I find that massively less intrusive compared with announcements. Which of course is a subjective thing.