Is there a way to stop the notifications that a game has been analyzed?

As the title says. They fill up my notifications and are somewhat pointless information. I’d rather have my notifications for important things like friend messages or challenges, but I never check them because 90% of the time, a number by my icon just means a game has been anylised. I cant find a setting for turning this off this in the main menu.


I’m not aware of any notifications settings (besides email), but I know other folks have asked for finer grained control of notifications as well - good feedback.


There is none at the moment, but i also hope there would be something toi hide those. For site supporters its bit annoying and pretty much useless to get notified about that after every single game :<

I can only speak for myself, but I don’t think it’s useless because the AI review takes a few minutes to complete. I usually leave the game and come back when it’s done.


Ah yeah thats true, maybe with live/blitz it makes more sense ^^

With corr games its mostly unnecessary, for every game my opponent resigns and says “thanks” the system currently makes 3 notifications, one for “your game has ended…”, second for “user has added chat…” and third one for “has finished analysing your game”

With 100 ongoing corr games, thats a ton of notifications which could potentially bury something more important.

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Yes. Exactly my point. It’s good to know that other people are finding similar frustration with it.

If any devs are reading this, may I suggest a similar setup to the notifications in the forums? ie. 2 sets of numbers. Here is a poorly demonstrated example:
(I think I got the colours wrong, but you should get the jist of my meaning.)

So that way we could still have notifications for the anylised game/player added to chat/game ended etc. but could also have what I would deem more important things like challenged received etc.

Edit: And of course this could be a whole subsection of the settings menu, (so each user could change which notifications they personally deem as important, I’m imagining a 3 way toggle bar,( None, Semi-important, Important)) But that might be a whole new level of complexity for the backend. idk, Im not a programmer (yet :P)


A bit pedantic perhaps but correct is gist.

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