Disabling the new chat notification

It is nice, don’t get me wrong, but is there a way to opt out? It’s the one thing I never use on the site and the unread indicator triggers me a tinsy tiny bit…


Maybe the settings might help :wink:

https://online-go.com/user/settings > chat settings


I tried it (first stop, as always), it shows the bubble thingy with no number, I’m worried it might fill up tho.
Also: if it’s a necessary step towards getting in-game chat notifications, I will endure. :woman_in_lotus_position:


the icon should disappear completely. At least it does for me on both Chrome and FireFox.

If you disable all the chat options nothing happens? Try refreshing the page or ctrl+F5 (ctr+fn+F5 if you have function keys enabled) to refresh without cache, might be some local corruption after the change…


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It stayed grey with no number. I changed the settings in mobile and now the site doesn’t show anything. Don’t know why it needed camaraderie from my phone but it’s OK now. :slight_smile:

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I have a bkue balloon with a number 48 but when I tap it it brings me to an empty chat (group Fast Correspondence).
I tried to refresh but nothing happens.
I am on Samsung browser on my phone


Yeah, I’m also not sure what the number represents.


The fast correspondence chat shouldn’t be empty. 48 is the number of unread messages I got as well, but the chat should be there.

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On Chrome I was able to open the chat and reset the balloon, but I had to go back and forth from one chat to another.
Also I don’t understand which chat it is…

An additional question: pressing the icon shouldn’t bring you anywhere. It should open a drop-down menu, listing the chats with unread messages.


Yes, tapping the icon opens a dropdown that contains a link to the chat with new messages

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Thanks for this, helped me figure this out! Tapping the balloon opens a blank screen with the chat typing bar at the bottom. But if you hit the dotty liney thing bottom left you get the window listing chats and the mini play graph thing at the bottom. Then you click around the the list of chats, not too fast, and they turn from dark grey to light gray and the balloon number goes down. I managed to get it to zero.
And tah dah! Now when I click the gray balloon with zero on it I get the list of chats and of I click on one all the chat is there instead of a black screen.


I got it, eventually.
I always forget that groups have two chats: one in the group page and another one in the chat room

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  1. I publicly admit defeat
    Through the Years: Long Correspondence

  2. Is there a way to make the chat window wider? Most tournaments start with the same words, so we can’t know which one of the 13 “Fast Correspondence” tournaments is the one with the notification or the one we’re interested in. I’m TD in two and I’d like to keep better tabs on the tournament chat.

EDIT: Even something simple like displaying the whole tournament game when rolling the mouse over would be great.


Is anybody there that could explain the meaning of these settings for the chat notifications balloon?

  • unfollow
  • unfollow unread
  • leave channel

I can’t figure out by myself and I wouldn’t tap randomly and see what happens. :grin:

When it’s a group chat, would leaving channel drop off from the group itself?
And for a tournament chat?
I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t break things and then have to fix them.

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:thinking: someone who doesn’t do much chat here… really not sure how “unfollow” would differ from “unfollow unread”…

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The chat notification has 3 modes.

  1. Do not notify me about messages in this chat.
  2. Notify me if I’m mentioned (red speech bubble)
  3. Notify me of any new chat lines (blue + red speech bubble)
  • unfollow → do not notify me of new chat lines. (use mode 1)
  • unfollow unread → only notify me if I’m mentioned. (use mode 2)
  • follow → notify me if I’m mentioned. (use mode 2)
  • follow unread → notify me about any new chat lines. (use mode 3)

At least it is supposed to work that way.

Creating the button text was a rush job to get the feature running at the time. Otherwise it would still be in development. I’m bad at naming buttons :see_no_evil:
More descriptive texts are welcome.


While in this group things, would it be possible, to be able to go from the ladder page to the group, and from the chat to the group?
Each time it’s like a dead end.

For example if i use the ladder link in a ladder game, i can only go back to the game from the ladder page and can’t access the group directly.

This would be a good feature that we don’t currently have. Shouldn’t be too hard to add I think.

This is a good feature that we do have :slight_smile: Click the cog in the top right of chat then click group