Kibitz for Diplomatic Go: The First Game

Private Kibitz Thread for the first game of Diplomatic Go

This is for spectators to discuss this game:

Note: after the game is over, I intend to ask the moderators to make this thread public. Please do not write anything here that you do not want to become public later. Also, additional spectators (including eliminated players) may be added as this game progresses.

Please do not post in the main game thread or discuss the game with the players, until the game is over.


Hello All (currently, I’m the only one in this thread right now, so I’m just talking to myself, but others will eventually see this),

I’m super excited that this game is beginning. I can’t wait! The game does not start for another 3 hours, but I’ve already created the threads.


Welcome @kingkaio, you are the first spectator to join, besides myself.

Thanks, wait whats the board size going to be?

The first game will use 9x9

5 players on a 9x9 board?
That’ll be pretty crowded.
I’m guessing each player will only get 10 moves max.

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It’s really going to be “a knife fight in a phone booth”.

Well, it’s just a pilot game to test the basic procedures, logistics, and rules. Future games should use a bigger board.


Maybe even make it a 25x25 (in future games)

Moderators can see private threads?

I don’t think they can by default, but I believe they can become visible to them if someone flags an issue, or if they are invited, of course.

Phew, I was worried Vsotvep would see this thread.

There was a private kibitz thread for a werewolf game, where I think we established that even @ mentioning someone does not reveal the private message thread to them.

Let me test. @Vsotvep, can you see this thread? If he can, we can abandon this thread and start a new one.


I’m not sure vsotvep will respond its like 11:15 in the netherlands.

I don’t expect him to ever respond, since I don’t think he will see this. We tested something similar in another private message thread. In case I’m wrong about this, I’m sure he will eventually correct me.

Its kinda cool that I can edit this it says “post 17” but it isn’t really a post, I wonder if you could like it

Can’t like it nor directly reply to it. Hello guys!


Welcome @Samraku and @PiggyStardust to the Kibitz thread. The game will begin in about 15 minutes.


The game has begun!

Please stop posting in the game thread.