Long & live go Dojo 🏯

For meta-discussion please use this thread

Otherwise if you are interested in playing a long & live go game, have a warm welcome to participate in the Dojo!

This topic is aimed at helping us in organizing it and let players find an opponent. If successful, it could be followed by tournaments and ladders

Long & live vs (Ultra,very) short correspondance**

It should be made clear that although the global time of each offer may converge, there are fundamental differences between both way of playing.
In corr. games you have a large liberty to play one or a few moves “whenever” you want and to delay it, picking a move here and there, one game after the other.
In a long & live game, you focuse and keep playing the same game managing your allowed time to find without possible delay your best move. So you are going to wait more, for your opponent answers and use sessions for the necessary breaks

Time setting

OGS allows us a maximal main time of 4hrs by
player with byo yomi setting.

So for easyness we can fix 3 choices

  • Hard-long game. 4hrs/player. Byo yomi 45s/move. (Average 2mn/move¹) code HL
  • Medium-long game. 3hrs/player. Byo yomi of 30s/move (Average 1mn30/move) code ML
  • Light-long game. 2hrs/player. Byo yomi of 20s/move (Average 1mn/move) code LL

¹: calculated on main time only, for 250 moves


The use of the pause feature and malkovich chat will help to organize sessions of play.

When the end time of a session is reached, the player who is on his turn to play will

  • write the coordonate of the move he plans to play in the malkovitch² log (but don’t play it yet)
  • put the game on pause
  • (option if not yet fixed) discuss on when and how long is the next session.

When resuming the game at the begining of the next session, the same player will

  • signal his presence and wait for the signal of the other player
  • release the pause
  • play the move he planned in the malkovich log.

:warning: OGS offers only a maximum of 5 pauses by game. This will ensure that there will be long enough and not too many sessions (So 5 or less of them)

Planning the game

As a rule of thumb and a gentleman agreement, long games have to be played not being too delayed by the pause system to keep the live spirit.

Going deeper, a long & live game may be inspired by these famous professional title games running on two full days for some of them. So, even if some may be tempted because of the long time setting, it is by default supposed that

  • You read sequences with your eyes only, not with anything else (analysis tool disbled)
  • You estimate territories in the same way (no use of any score estimator)
  • You will never get any help until the game is finished (be some notes, the OGS Joseki Explorer, a book, another player or any AI)
  • You’ll act as a gentleman in any case, and indeed if you plan to do otherwise as these default attitudes, you will inform beforehand your opponent.

Your offer
Players interested in a long game can open a post here with the exact kind of game they are searching (use code), their daily availability and any more relevant information.
The universal time edit tool of this forum is very convenient: in the advanced mode, select the LTS format if you want a time format with no date

Interested by an offer?
When fixing the details of your game with your opponent, please try to use the forum pm system so we can keep the topic at best.

Be careful to define well together:

  • the kind of game
  • the meeting time of the first session (at least) and its length.

To launch the game, better challenge your opponent directly as creating a custom offer in the play tab.

:japanese_castle: I wish to all of you many wonderful games! :japanese_castle:

Note on malkovich chat
²: to write in the malovitch chat, just toggle your chat in-game by clicking on the left of the chatbox.
That’s really easy to use but if you don’t like it or feel it to be not enough safe, you can agree with your opponent to pm a third person in the forum (Don’t use the main site personal messages system, they are not persistent)


I’m myself looking for a HL or a ML game.

Usually free between 4:00:00 PM6:00:00 PM and around.

I’ d like a slightly longer byo yomi (+15s) because my connection is not fully reliable.

Please pm me if you’d be interested to fix the details.


I am interested in

  • LL game. The reason is that I want to take more time to read than in a regular internet live game, however I don’t think I would be able to use more than 2 hours of thinking time in an useful way.
  • Can be rated or unrated.
  • Can be even or handicap.
  • Analysis disabled.
  • Sessions should be at least 1 hour long.
  • I am usually free 2021-12-30T20:00:00Z2021-12-30T22:30:00Z (although not every day) and I can often find chunks of 1 hour or more when I don’t sleep (European time).

Please PM if interested.


I’m interested in…

HL in sessions of 3h, 3h, and final session.

I am available 2:00:00 PM12:00:00 AM on all days except Sunday (I’m UTC -5).

Would strongly prefer TT or NZD Rules, with AGA or Chinese also being acceptable.

Happy with either even game or reverse komi.

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Is there any option to play games with 45, 60, or 90 mins main time?

Or are these time controls not considered slow enough? The issue is that most communities consider them too slow, with the “serious slow game” established as 30m main time.

That’s about the fastest I’ve ever played with :rofl:


Read also this thread: Slow Live Games Group

That’s how I got here.

Some members of the Slow Live Games Group may be interested in the time settings you mention.


This topic is to gather information on players who wants to play these (very long) time settings. Are you interested?