Searching a time setting

I’m looking for a time setting to play a game within 3 days.

As anyone tried something like this:

What’s your opinion ?
For example, can this work without too much communication on time schedule between the players?

All the other time settings seems to be completely out if range, be live or correspondance.

I think you’d need a cooperative opponent and matching or close enough time zones. Any I think under these circumstances then the actual time settings don’t really matter so much.

An alternative would be 2 days absolute which might be easier to understand.


Two days absolute doesn’t exist
Live 4h max or correspondance 7days min

I’m in that kind of setting for a serious game with a focus on it (not like when you play 30 corr. games in your daily breaks for weeks) that you engage to finish in very few days but which can be dispatch on a few sessions, some way more like a (long) live game. The total time is just enough to take most serious reading but should be in the respect of your opponent too.


I’d be tempted to try something like 1hr byo yomi 24 times. This would allow you to sleep for 8 hours for three days but you’d not lose time while you were playing. But again I think this type of game would probably need to be agreed with your opponent in advance to work properly and in that case you could just set any time setting, pause the game and just play it out like that.


Interesting idea. But then you need to play regularly at least 1 move per hour at least. This regularity is a new constraint.

With pause all is possible by just an informal agreement, in that case you can just chose the no time setting. I still try to look for something doable inside what OGS offers.

Well within 1 hour of your opponent playing but you’ll be playing faster than that anyway to finish within 3 days.
The Canadian settings would need you to play 5 moves/hr day and night or about 8 moves/HR if you sleep for 8hrs so you can’t miss many hours in the day before it might become difficult.
With byo yomi I think the constraint is less really.

We are not in compatible time zones but I’d be happy to try a game with one of these settings and see what happens. (If you don’t mind wasting a few days on me)
I’m not one to think too deeply though so maybe again not the opponent you are looking for.

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But with canadian you can have sessions with pause between longer as 1hr, like 40 moves, a 2hrs break, then another one… Or even play a full afternoon but not in the morning (for example)

A way would be to have longer byoyomi (like 4x2hr )but 1hr is the max.

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Or more periods at the risk of making the game last too long

Have to think. I am afraid periods will stick you to the computer when you are not sleeping (burning the ones you can)

I think you really need to arrange a schedule beforehand. Suppose Black and White sleep at the same time, Black is only free in the morning and White in the afternoon/evening. Then they never find a moment to play.


Thanks for the invitation. My time zone is not yours but i live a lot at deep night so it could work.
After we fix some system at best first.

If the experience is positive i even consider some mini tournament later.

Yes if the time setting don’t leave enough margin between the different availabilities. I m theoretically trying to avoid at most this schedule planning, to let it be at most automatic as possible (thinking of a tournament later maybe) but my guess is that yes some schedule could be necessary. I m afraid to trap players in some no way to run the game if it’s not very clear how they should manage it too.

In the same idea, we can think on a sealed move system, if we run through sessions maybe. Usually players in corr. play a very few moves, on weeks or months so that’s discarded by them but if we start sessions similar to live games, who ends can become more determining (time to ruminate and keeping the choice for later instead of determining it and keeping it secret). I just got an idea, we could use the malkovich log for that (can be cheated but we are gentlemen).

With canadian there is still that stupid limitation that you have to play that min quantity of moves in a day…

I need more thinking.


I wonder if the folks at Fast Correspondence would be interested in experimenting… if you set up a tournament I would join!

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Welcome! This is a group for people who don’t often have a single block of time to play live or blitz games, but who also don’t like their correspondence games dragging on forever.

(Quoted from the group introduction)

I’m in for the second part only. My idea is to be more like in a live game in sessions as in a usual way of playing correspondance.

I m thinking more and more to introduce sealed moves between a few sessions.

Players from that group will still be welcome ofc.

For reference, found that post and a few related topics:

One more idea would be to organize a ladder instead of a tournanent.


I rediscovered the molossus tournament. Before that I opened that Dojo for long & live games. So i can just admit that @Samraku and I had almost the same ideas besides one being a meeting place and the other one a tournament.
i for the time being will discard other time settings but there is still place to think about it, especially for even longer live games.