Make new rules for ladders


one of my friends tried a ladder Challenge and it was Japanese rules but we wanted Chinese rules so he made a topic on it Ladder Rules Default To Japanese, Sadness X_X and someone told him that you cant and i don’t like it you should be allowed to choose which rules you can choose who’s with me!@Eagleeye.


The automatic OGS Tournaments: Japanese rules only?

I am.Please @anoek and @matburt please help bring different rules to ogs ladders.

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There have been previous expressions of interest in this by the ‘Fast Correspondence’ group:

So ideally it would be good if groups (group admins) could set all the conditions for games within their ladders. Rule-sets, time-controls etc. Just like custom games.

Or perhaps allow players to modify the conditions of a game by mutual consent after it has commenced.



I think that within a single ladder or tournament all players should follow the same rules.
I agree with @Kosh that it would be nice to be able to customize group’s ladders.
So, if someone wants a ladder with chinese ruleset he could just make one.



I messaged @anoek on OGS about the ladder rule problem, and he said It’s not an unreasonable request, I’ll look into what it would take at some point.

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I’m requesting this feature too. I have a group Chinese ruleset themed group and this is a real obstacle for us.



There is another case where an admin needs to have more control over a ladder: When a ladder is intended for bots only - as in the current deep learning challenge. In this case there is a definite requirement that humans cannot participate - at least the possibility for an admin to remove humans from the ladder.
Any way to achieve this?



I do think it would be awesome if moderators could at least tweak some of the settings on their group ladders. I can see all sorts of reasons for this (slow ladders, fast ladders, different rulesets).

That would also bring the possibility of making them more meaningful in a way, because, as it stands now, why join a group ladder if you can join the site ladder? It’d be the same but with fewer players, some possibly not even active.



I assume you have a group for bots then? Group admins have full control over their members so that should not be a problem…

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The group admin can remove human players from the group, but they stay on the ladder, preventing the bots from competing against one another.



Ahhhh, I see. That’s silly. Let me get back to you on that one, I will have to ask the devs to try something. :slight_smile: