Napster's music sharing thread. Chit chat and links

Didn’t realize it when I posted, those two songs we linked are somewhat complementary lmao. ^^

*Köln = Cologne

This reminds me of a poem by Rolf Dieter Brinkmann:

Einen jener klassischen

schwarzen Tangos in Köln, Ende des
Monats August, da der Sommer schon

ganz verstaubt ist, kurz nach Laden
Schluß aus der offenen Tür einer

dunklen Wirtschaft, die einem
Griechen gehört, hören, ist beinahe

ein Wunder: für einen Moment eine
Überraschung, für einen Moment

Aufatmen, für einen Moment
eine Pause in dieser Straße,

die niemand liebt und atemlos
macht, beim Hindurchgehen. Ich

schrieb das schnell auf bevor
der Moment in der verfluchten

dunstigen Abgestorbenheit Kölns
wieder erlosch.

To hear one of those classic

black tangos in Köln, at the end of
the month of August, when the summer is

already all covered in dust, just after the shops
close, from the open door

of a dark deli, that belongs to
a Greek, is almost

a miracle: for a moment
a surprise, for a moment

a fresh breath, for a moment
a pause on this street

that no-one loves and makes you
breathless when you walk through. I

jotted it all down, before
that moment faded again

in the damn hazy deadness
of Köln.

The Arte Concert channel (public French and German broadcaster ) is worth checking out. They’ve got some amazing content.

Here is a alternate version of Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G, played by Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. :slight_smile:

I really love those two composers and pianists. Do you folks feel too that Ravel’s PC has someting disquieting about it, especially in the version played by Michelangeli?

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@MooToYouToo Thanks mate, that’s some good stuff - currently travelling through the planar sphere on this one

(space prophet dogon is on there too)

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Such a unique group!

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Yeah I’m discovering rn - pretty diverse from what I can tell? Apparently they made kinda feature films too? And I’ve seen there is a collab with Eugene Chadbourne, a name I haven’t seen in years. ^^

Fits right in with what I was listening to recently, some stuff by Sublime Frequencies, Acid Mothers Temple, Jim O’Rourke - love it!! ^^

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Great upbeat song on total annihilation (heavy spoilers ahead, I watched and loved it anyways even if I don’t know nge yet, haven’t seen a single episode :sunglasses:)

posting more SMZB because I’ve become obsessed with them. one of my favorites, love the whistle at the start:

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I like this type of mournful song.

I love the drums and bass in such songs …

On the one hand this era and its advancements have given rise to the autotune and the ability to a lot of people that have no talent to make a name for themselves.
On the other hand it has given the gear and ability for the people with talent to refine their sound to this level even if they do not have super studios and money :smiley:

Stunningly beautiful song (and video!!) telling the story of a boy playing a match of foot, against these bastards from King’s Priory, with his father cheering on -

I am putting some hope on @Conrad_Melville 's excellent music knowledge, but does anybody know if this song that the band played at the end (final 30 seconds of the video if the timestamp doesn’t work automatically) is an actual song? I’d really like to hear the full version of it. What a trumpet melody! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the compliment. If I were my father, who had a phenomenal knowledge of jazz and pop music, I would be better equipped to help. I don’t know the number. However, to take a shot in the dark, it slightly recalls Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. You might want to check out Alpert I any case. He was hugely popular back in the day.


Thank you very much :slight_smile: I will look it up!


I haven’t been in this thread since before July 2021, hence this late reply. Prokofiev has been my favorite composer since childhood (partly influenced by my father), and Ravel is also one of my favorites. I have posted quite a lot by both in the “no chit chat” music thread. In addition, Argerich and Michelangeli are two of my favorite pianists. Argerich is supreme on the Prokofiev #3 (with Kapell running a close second), and M., I think, is my very favorite pianist. I did a couple posts of M. playing Images Book 1 (the benchmark performance), no longer available, and Scarlatti (Music sharing thread. Links only. No chit chat - #600 by Conrad_Melville). When Argerich had an artistic crisis shortly after her initial success, she went to Michelangeli and took four “lessons” from him. If this was not part of his early “masterclass” program, I like to think that it may have inspired him to start that program.

I had not seen this performance of M. on the Ravel. I did, however, see a different one), which may no longer be available). I am not too happy with this version, as the sound recording is poor, especially in the beginning of the second movement, where some of the notes are lost (perhaps the most beautiful sad melody in classical music). It also seems like it may have been spliced together, as there are sometimes minute lags between sound and video in the piano parts. Also, a single, high overhead shot of M’s hands seems much sharper than the rest, as if another video has been spliced in.

As to the music, this was Ravel’s glorious tribute to the influence of Gershwin. Such a tragedy that both died so young, and both by brain tumors IIRC. It may seem odd because the melancholy middle movement is pure “classical” Ravel, while the bookends are Gershwinesque. It is famously said (first told by Oscar Levant, I think) that Gershwin asked to take lessons in orchestration from Ravel, and Ravel returned the compliment by saying that he should take lessons from Gershwin.


You have to respect a band that decides to crank up the sound of the bass to make it so distinct in a live performance, especially with so many people on the stage. Easily one of the best live performances/recordings ever.