New to GO and looking for a teacher

Hi all,

I am new to Go (began playing yesterday). I could really use someone to help teach me some basics. I have done some of the beginner puzzles so I am not completely clueless, but I am a terribly weak player!



It helps to learn a little bit of the… vocabulary first. A teacher can put these things in context later.


Welcome to hobby!! Welcome to OGS too :blush:. I’ve prepared some helpful resources for new players. Take a look at this post, which links to two related helpful posts. Feel free to ask for some advice on specific games here. Just post a link to any game you have questions about are unsure about (no question is too basic!), and folks are usually happy to give some pointers.


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If you want a teaching game and if you are OK with correspondence, feel free to send me a challenge. (9x9 makes most sense.)