**OGS climber 2022** 🪜

Here a new challenge to promote ladders (19x19) activity and groups.

To register, simply post an answer in this thread. ​

Starting from your registration, each time you become first of a ladder you win one point if by cancelation or timeout, and two points if by resign or final scoring. (zero by joining an empty ladder)

A successful defense of the first place against a challenger will count one point if the game results in final scoring or resign (no cancelation and no timeout)

Each victory has to be claimed in this topic by the winner posting:

  • the link to the group (in which is the ladder)
  • the link to the game itself
  • how many points involved (1 or 2)


The challenge ends on 2022-12-31T15:59:00Z

  • The group with the ladder should have 50 or more members.

  • Joining an empty ladder doesn’t give you points but you can wait there to get challenged…¹​

  • Any attempt to abuse the system will lead to disqualification. For example an agreement between two players to alternate first and second places using cancelation. Use of AI strictly forbidden and will be reported to OGS.

  • Players have to be respectful with groups. If a group doesn’t like our participation in, or even an activation of the ladder, the player will then leave the ladder without delay.

Would you be interested? Can we make that project even better?

With group size of 50+ that’s like 360 groups. If we lower to 25+ it’s over 800…

Please feel free to comment.​

With some interest to climbing the ladders ​by players here, i will gladly take care of the organization.

Note ¹ If you defeat by timeout the first, he will be kicked out and as a result you may be alone in the ladder now . Anyway, this victory will count (1 point)

More on ladders
Warning: no pause on weekend!


I like the idea of promoting the ladders more. Here, I joined a fun empty one and am available for challenges: 9x9 13x13. Edit: Groin clarified that this is 19x19 only.

However, it is kind of boring playing on the group ladders since they are all the same. It would be a lot more fun if I could have in my group, for example, an auto-handicap fast correspondence AGA ladder.

Note that for your scoring it might be hard to determine what counts as “become first of a ladder” or “defense of the first place” since there’s no history available except the positions at the beginning of the game.


You need to link to the group because that screen don’t let me even join the ladder! Well that’s good to know at least :relieved:

I’m actually interested in 19x19 besides, sorry.
Didn’t mention it in OP so I’ll edit.

I Completely agree for more diversity in ladders formats but well unless doing it manually it’s not yet in OGS papers (for what i know)…

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Good point, the smaller boards might be too easy compared to 19x19 games. Well, to support your mission I’ve also joined the 9x9 19x19 ladder. Here’s the group:

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Ok i joined and challenged you!

Let say we start that OGS climber 2022 event!

(I may modify the rule if needed anyway).

Of course I hope more players will participate.

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I may be wrong but the game (linked here) will have the ladder link inside (checking position changes and results) so i should have all what i need for administration.
Edit: i added to provide the group link too, the ladder page being very restricted itself.

Started to explore these groups and a few challenges too :partying_face:

So far I’ve never participated in any ladder but I’ll give a try. I just joined the group Simple Correspondence

and the corresponding 19x19 ladder Simple Correspondence 19x19


Wonderful! Let’s go shake these sleepy ladders!

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There’s no point in participating if I cannot reasonably win anything :sweat_smile:
It would be nice like someone said to have auto handicap (and no analysis of possible) where everyone has a chance to get something.

I agree on all these.
For prices, i welcome sponsoring if any interested.

The ladders offer to play competitive serious long games. It’s the players choice to go to teaching learning or fairness (about handicap).

Analysis allowed is surely another source of debates.
Now all these are inherent on how ladders are implemented and can’t be changed in the frame of this event. Kind of take it or leave it.
The OGS whole site ladder still has good success with over 3000 participants. And we should take in account that this ladder was debugged not so long time ago which cured it of sleepy players.
For rewards, yes, i can try to go further as just the number one, maybe give the standing every month?

Just to make it clear: I’m not talking about money.

A number on a table would be enough for me.

I just say that if only the first one on the ladder gets points there will be no points for anyone weaker than let’s say low dan… that’s just the way the ranks work.


Since the actual site ladders don’t deal with handicap games, one could just make their own “ladder” here, or in an OGS group.

Just list peoples usernames/ranks/positions and let them challenge each other to whatever setting you feel are reasonable and let them submit games, and adjust appropriately. Of course there’s a lot of manual work there if it’s popular enough, but it seems like the points counting was going to be manual anyway.

(iirc there was a point made about how one could potentially be sandbagging to stay at the top with incorrect handicap, but otherwise I thought it would be fun Handicap ranked ladder?)


Will people lose their position if they reject challenges? If so the settings should be standardised …

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If the point is to promote group and ladder activity, you could give points for any win in a ladder challenge. For instance 1 point for any win, and in addition, 10 pts for getting 1st place, and 5 pts for successfully defending the 1st place.

(The numbers 5 and 10 are arbitrary, can be replaced by anything else.)


Yes. The idea is more to use what exists but be underused as to search for new system. The second part of the idea is to go discover the world of the groups and maybe generate some new links between players.
I think i will have enough to do by manually collecting and checking in a first experience.

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Not a bad idea but i’m afraid to be too much of a task. That would become like managing the full ladder of all ladders, and would require more as just posting here the result of each game (and which group).


Is there even any way to tell whether a given game was configured for automatic handicap? In game information all I see is the number of stones.

In the OGS ladder system there is no handicap.


1st place by cancelation (1 pt)


Yes, I project to publish a result table.

Well there are like 360 ladders, a quantity we can enlarge if asked for. Some are simply empty, a lot occupied by 1 or 2 or a dozen of players, and far away from being always low dan and up. So there is plenty of opportunities to grab points even for sdk and ddk.
As said at this stage I’m not going to make a ladder with all the ladders and each position and games in each.
There is a real treasure to pick, competitive serious games and positions published in each profile, let’s just run them!