OGS Joseki Explorer has "Play Mode"

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In a nearby thread Vsotvep noted that there is Play Mode. I thought “Ah, maybe we should publicise this” and moved it to this thread. Actually, I should have left it there and started a new thread, but … done is done, lesson learned… guess what… read on…]

My god, there’s a Play Mode?!

That’s amazing!

I found a bug immediately: I wanted to play again after my first joseki, but when going back through the move tree, apparently the game itself does not reset (the page does not refresh its url).


I’m pressing the arrow keys. By pressing “Play” again, it doesn’t reset the game either, but gives the same position on the board. Refreshing the page does not give an empty board (and thus doesn’t reset the game).

Perhaps adding a “Play again” button would help too.

“Play Mode” is defnitely a prototype - needs some love as shinuito says.

Funnily enough, it’s been in the awkward places of “not good enough to draw attention, not getting feedback therefore not getting love, therefore not good enough to draw attention” :open_mouth:

I had thought to make it compelling gamishly in the way that Joseki Farm is: at the moment it is very utilitarian and serious.

Somewhere in the code there is a comment that says “Make this a fun game” or similar :slight_smile:

You’re not supposed to be able to go “back through the move tree” in Play mode!

That’s why the “back” arrow button is removed. I’ll go and turn off backarrow as well immediately :smiley:

The idea of Play Mode is to see whether you can play through a sequence successfully from start to end - it keeps stats on how often you succeed for each Joseki. If you could go back and forwards in the tree this would be rendered meaningless.


Yes, I get this, but how do I reset the game then to try another round?

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The “reset” IE fully backwards rewind button :rewind:


I’ll label the button :smiley: :smiley: