[on OGS] European Online Women's Go Championship 2020

28th November – 20th December 2020

Top 16 European players (who are interested).


Now that so many tournaments are turning online, we should have a weekly schedule, like with TV programs. :stuck_out_tongue:


All players:

  • Dina Burdakova (5d, Russia) burdakovadina
  • Natalia Kovaleva (5d, Russia) Nata_K
  • Ariane Ougier (4d, France)
  • Virginia Shalneva (4d, Russia)
  • Manja Marz (3d, Germany) gojigs
  • Elvina Karlsberg (4d, Russia) Elvina Kalsberg
  • Laura Avram (2d, Romania) balaura
  • Jitka Bartova (2d, Czech Republic) mamutik0
  • Milena Boclé Reznikoff (2d, France) Mbrez
  • Valeria Klochikhina (2d, Russia)
  • Mirta Medak (2d, Croatia) MirtaM
  • Lova Wahlin (2d, Sweden) hihello
  • Julia Seres (2d, Hungary) xxchemotoxx
  • Alexandra Urban (2d, Hungary) chincchapabo
  • Isabel Donle (1d, Germany) Isabel02
  • Anna Melnyk (1d, Ukraine) annas_08

The Russian pro not participating?

Indeed. They say Svetlana Shikshina 3p declined the offer to participate. Same goes for Guzel Surma 3d. Ajgul Fazulzjanova 2d didn’t have enough rating points.


I made a poll

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I kinda expect Kovaleva to win another championship, i saw her playing in Helsinki 2 years ago - she won the title then - and i was really impressed by her strength and her style of ‘asking some questions before answering sente moves’

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And the tournament is started!

Of course, no one is expected to follow these early games where a lot of players are low dans. So no nicknames or sgfs are published on the official page.

I still tracked down the likely first game:
28th Nov 11:00 (CET) Manja Marz (Germany) – Anna Melnyk (Ukraine) 1 - 0

Note that white made a bunch of game offers that were accepted by wrong players. Either challenging a player is not obvious or they’re stuck in their kgs ways.

Do you think we should banner these games even for low dans?


Thanks for posting this link here, I was searching for that game. I personally was happy that the game this evening was bannered, as I would not have noticed otherwise. It is amazing that there are so many high level games on OGS nowadays.


28th Nov 17:00 (CET) Jitka Bartova (Czech Republic) – Alexandra Urban (Hungary) 1 - 0

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Is there a place to watch all the games in the tournament? or do I have to look for the players 1 by 1?

To watch them live you need to check tournament page https://eurogofed.org/women/2020.html to see the scheduled time and then at that time (usually ~20m later than the scheduled) find the game. They may be announced site-wide too, if people who do it (not many of them) are around.

I’ll be posting game records after the game is done in this topic too.

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Oh, I see! I thought it would appear as a “Tournament”, or have a dedicated section or something

In covid time online tournaments are very good and interesting. But maby you are right schedule would be helpful :wink:


29th Nov 10:00 (CET) Natalia Kovaleva (Russia) – Milena Boclé Reznikoff (France) 1 - 0

29th Nov 11:00 (CET) Laura Avram (Romania) – Isabel Donle (Germany) 0 - 1

29th Nov 12:00 (CET) Elvina Karlsberg (Russia) – Mirta Medak (Croatia) 1 - 0

29th Nov 16:00 (CET) Virginia Shalneva (Russia) – Lova Wåhlin (Sweden) 1 - 0

29th Nov 18:00 (CET) Dina Burdakova (Russia) – Julia Seres (Hungary) 1 - 0


Do you (anyone) think that for large enough events like this, particularly when there’s a sitewide banner which will attract say 100+ people, that the full ai review (level 3) should be run on the game afterward.

On the one hand it could be useful for people watching the game for reviewing afterward if they wanted to. Also it is potentially showing to a lot of non-supporters what they get with support for example.


It might even be nice to have a live AI review of every move. Of course only visible to the viewers, and also for the viewers possible to hide. Some people (including me depending on my awakeness) also want to try reading themselves sometimes.

I think this would make OGS even better for the current Covid online Go era.

Edit: Hm but thinking more it might also spoil the joy of watching go and chatting, if people only discuss the AI all the time …


30th Nov 11:00 (CET) Ariane Ougier (France) – Valeria Klochikhina (Russia) 1 - 0

I’m not sure tournament directors would find this agreeable, as it is too easy to see the game as a spectator by simply opening the game in a private tab. At least a player has to do some work now to cheat with AI.


There is a nice suggestion to come here (blocking access to AI for players in a tournament, including spectator mode)
I guess you could use IP address? I mean to block.