[Outdated] Notifications and outstanding game count not working

For me it is always the same game that is missing from the notification: https://online-go.com/game/10641316
For the other games, the notifications seem ok, but this one is not included if it is my turn.

This is affecting me badly. I am getting almost no notifications for my current games - it is making keeping track rather tricky, and I almost timed out. I hope this can be fixed soon.

Update: I heard from anoek: he’s aware of this issue, but he’s moving house right now, so it will be at least a few days before it can be addressed.

So “hang in there” .


Didn’t he move house a couple months ago?

Very early in my SW carrier I made a big change and then went into a multi-week vacation. Never did that again…

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

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I wonder whether he sold his house and now it settled, so he’s moving? I don’t know, I didn’t try to grill him for details :slight_smile:

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Apparently, I just lost a tournament game due to timeout because the notifications had not been working. I doubt there is any recourse, but I figured I would ask. When I logged in I noticed a 52 minute warning followed by the notification I had timed out. I check ogs at least once or twice a day and had a 3 day turn setting for the game. I didn’t receive the notification for until 52 minutes prior to timeout. I definitely don’t check frequently enough to catch a 52 minute warning.

same here: https://online-go.com/game/9992404
I was online the last days and got no notification, and didnt get automatically to the game, and it wasn’t counted in the upper rigt black button.
Thanks for solving the problem for the future

Is it fixed now?

I think so, more’less. Let me know if anyone continues to have issues. I think I see how it got into the state it was in, and I think I mitigated the issue though the root cause of the bug is still lurking.


Clicking the black circle now takes me through all my games where it is my move but the number in the circle is still incorrect (in my case it is too low by 1).

Anyone else still experiencing a similar problem?

this morning it was still broken. Tonight it is, at first glance, fixed!
great job!

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So, if I timed out (and thus DQ’d) in a tournament because of this bug, do I have any option to recover?

The bug was reappearing during the last server reorganization (about 2 weeks ago). At the moment it seems to be fixet, at least in my case. Maybe this helps finding the root cause

Am I the only one for whom the game count is still not correct?

I am closing and delisting this. It is about something more than 2 years ago, but gives the impression that it is current. If this bug arises again, as it has now and then, it needs its own thread.